Yes, I Do Know

David scooped Henry up and headed upstairs with him late last night to start a bath. Calvin lagged behind, even with his Dad calling downstairs, "Come on, Cal! Let's go! Bathtime!" I looked to see what was holding Calvin back and saw he was still concentrating on unbuttoning his shirt, which he had been doing since bathtime was first mentioned. Then David called again, "Hurry, Cal! Bathtime!" Calvin started toward the stairs, trying to hurry, but still working methodically at his shirt buttons and now mumbling, "OK, OK Dad. I'm still working on my buttons. Just wait." I asked if he needed some help - he had been working on them for a while and only had three out of six unbuttoned. He kept plugging away, and mumbled at me, "No. I can do it. I'm very smart, you know."

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