F is for Fursday

1. Firstborn – I am my mother’s, with six younger siblings. So I am ultra-bossy, uber-responsible and super prone to anxiety and guilt. But I am also dependable, introspective and lots of people’s “preshy” because of (or in spite of) my birth order.

2. Forty Pounds Less – What I weighed in high school when I thought I was one of the “bigger girls.” Oh, to do high school again, seeing the way things REALLY were…

3. Froth – It’s a verb! A word I picked up that means to vent, get on one’s soapbox about something, or otherwise express frustration or incredulity about a situation or issue. May or may not be accompanied by actual foaming at the mouth. Froth – it does a body good.

4. Fancy, Frills, and FrooFroo – I’ve always placed more value on the ability to be ready to go in 10 minutes or less, with or without dry hair – but sometimes I really do wish I was more girly and good at primping. If I ever have a little girl, there’s going to be pink and ruffles everywhere, maybe even a feather boa and toenail painting parties. I hope she’ll be able to show me how it’s done.

5. Frugal – I am not. My Forte lies in Frittering away anything that even threatens to burn a hole in my pocket. I’m sooooo much better than I used to be, though – If you only knew how many things I’d like to buy, and don’t…

6. Ford Freestyle – Our family car. Love the non-SUV gas mileage and the legroom in the third-row seat. And getting my doublewide jogger into the back is so much easier than it was in our Honda Civic.

7. Fashion Sense – Truly wish I had some. I cannot pull an outfit together to save my soul. Someone could make my life by nominating me for “What Not To Wear.” I so need it.

8. Fickle – I was engaged to David at least twice…It wasn’t him, it was me – giving the ring back, taking it back. Just the whole marriage idea! It’s serious business! Forever! And he waited for me to sort it all out, because he is anything but fickle. One of the reasons he is perfect for me. (Plus I have not just one, but two, Fabulous engagement stories to tell.)

9. Fudge, Fondue, Frosting – Could I make any list without including chocolate in some form?

10. Fireflies – One thing they have here that I never saw in Colorado – they’re “magic” in its best sense.

11. Flytying – I took a 1-credit college course in it, partly because of “A River Runs Through It” and partly for the easy “A.” I think I got a “B.” But I made some cool bugs, and I loved that little vice like I love freshly sharpened pencils.

12. Fireworks – They just thrill me. Seriously. I heart Independence Day.

For more F-F-FUN F-F-FACTS about me, look for French Fries, Foie Gras and Fanny Price in my Thursday Thirteen (below), and Floccinaucinihilipilification in my ABCs.

If you'd like to letter in telling about yourself, I'll hook you up. Just leave your request in a comment. I might even be generous and give you a capital AND a lowercase. Or maybe one in cursive.


the lizness said...

Flippin' sweet - you should definitely post your two engagement stories.

Angela said...

This is a very funny post. The things you can do with an F. Hey, I took a flytying class in college too. I thought I'd be able to get some guys to hit on me but there was this brunette in the class that hogged all the attention. What a waste. I did get an A though.
Froth IS your word.

Momma G said...

My personal Fave....number 9...a 3 in 1 combo, nice!

Nettie said...

F-F-F-Friggin Funny! I want to hear the engagement stories, too. Fly tying? I'm impressed!

Gabriela said...

Have you spent a 4th of July in DC yet? If you like fireworks, you will not be disappointed.

I'm with you on #1. #4, except for I got a girl a lot like me, so no frills for her either. #7 for sure, I need help. And fireflies are very cool.

someone else said...

Fursday???? Thanks for a good morning laugh.

Hey, I was engaged to my husband twice too!