Thinking Some More

I didn't want to make the Molvania post any longer than it already was, but there is something more to say...David asked me after he read it if I was going to miss him, or just miss him taking the boys off my hands for a few choice minutes every night. I thought it went without saying, but if he's wondering, maybe you are, too. Lest you start to believe I am only considering the practical inconveniences caused by his absence, I can tell you that I've simply tried not to think too much about being without him beyond the parenting logistics. Besides, most of what I'll miss while he is gone is the loveable minutiae impossible for any spouse to describe, and it's mostly just between him and me. So rest assured that I'm not just using him for childcare, and don't be alarmed it I keep the shnookiewookumness of our relationship to ourselves. We like it that way.


Angela said...

You're fickle and slippery, blurbs become posts and vice verse. Never know what you are gonna get with you Code Yellow Mama. Um, even if all your husband did when he came home is plunk on the couch and stare into space, there is something about another live adult body in the room who can be blamed if the fork finds it's way to the socket right in front of your eyes and fine-haired-blue-eyed-how-the-heck-did-that-happen-to-you-two-boy becomes fried-haired-smokey-eyed-I-knew-my-parents-couldn't-just-let-me-be-blue boy. It's just comforting.
I loved "loveable minutiae impossible....to describe". It really says it all. And when you try to, you end up just sounding like those people in terrible marriages who don't want anyone to know. Word.

Code Yellow Mom said...

Angela - don't you have anything to say about "shnookiewookumness"? And are you stalking my blog?

Angela said...

Well, I DID have something to say about it, cuz I was around in the early days when there was no regard for the innocent bystander and I heard a shnookiewookumness or two. And then I thought more and realized that if such things popped up in your blog now, I'd be alarmed and wondering who spiked your Postum because your more a silent, flash your "festival eyes" kind of girl, aren't you?
And DUH I'm stalking your blog. Geez.