Listmaker, Listmaker, Make Me a List

Cal likes to make lists these days. He gets that from me, only his lists are more fun. We both do it to bring order to our lives, but mine are the old "To Do," "To Buy," "To Make," "To Call." His are all about the world as he sees it. He thinks them all through very thoroughly - I can't really discern if it's minutes or days that he spends organizing his lists - and then he comes out with them all making perfect sense, while we're riding in the car or having "quiet time on the couch." (If I call it a nap, he won't do it). This is his list from a couple weeks ago:

"Mom! There are FOUR animals that are black and white!" (Then he uses his fingers to count them off for me:)
1. A panda.
2. A zebra.
3. A skunk.
4. A penguin.

This was his list today:
"Mom! There are THREE things that hop!"
1. A frog.
2. A pogo stick.
3. A kangaroo.

If you were expecting a bunny rabbit on that one, sorry. It didn't make his list.

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Angela said...

I was going to say, How does Calvin know about pogo sticks? and then I remembered that he's David's son and we just don't ask "how do you know..." to David, so know it can be applied to his children. I know pogo sticks aren't that random or obscure, but still!