Before and After Saturday

(or, "Yes, Calvin, today is the day we're going to build a sandbox.")



My husband worked so hard today so that I could have something to blog about. And also so tomorrow we won't have the bedside scenario we have been experiencing each morning since Wednesday, when the sandbox project was first discussed in earnest:

6:00ish a.m.
(pitter-patter-pitter-patter-pitter-patter-BUMP into our bed)
Calvin: (In true chihuahua fashion)Is today the day you are going to make the sandbox, Dad?
Dad: No. Today I have to go to work. Saturday is the sandbox day. There are three (two, one...)work days and then sandbox day.
Calvin: (falling on the floor at Dad's feet as he gets out of bed)But I don't want it to be a work day! I want it to be sandbox day!! Why can't you stay home?! Don't take a shower! I want it to be the day you build a sandbox!(Continues crying and questioning and otherwise frothing until David is out of the shower, then resigns himself to another day of sandless dejection.)

Anyway, David is also proud of his work today, and hopes his mom is, too. He even put his tools away in the proper places afterward.

Calvin supervised. When the box was being framed, he said, "Nice job, Dad, but it's Rick-T." David asked him what he meant and he said it wobbled too much. When it was finished and we were dumping sand in, Cal told us, "This is a wonderful day for a sandbox. This is amazing!"

I cut the piece of fabric for below the sand so weeds won't poke through. And I rode in the car to Lowe's with David and the boys. The effort to have something to blog about is raising me to whole new levels of productivity. It's a beautiful thing.


someone else said...

Great story. Terrific sandbox!!

Isn't is crazy?? I go through the day looking for the "ah-ha, I can blog about this" moments, too.

the lizness said...

that's a great looking sandbox! how fun will this be this summer. did you build a lid for it so rain doesn't make it a mud box?

Momma G said...

I am so impressed, does he want to build one for us?

Nettie said...

That is a great looking sandbox. I want one, too! I asked for one for Mother's Day, so my toddler can be occupied while I garden, instead of helping me weed and thin. I don't think DH realized I was serious.

Blackeyedsue said...

THAT is the PERFECT sandbox! Your DH is muy talented!

Alicia said...

That's awesome! Of course I can't keep the picture up too long to examine it b/c my almost 4-year-old will see it and start that morning routine at my house.

Gabriela said...

very cool sandbox! Your little guys are going to have hours of fun in it!

kpjara said...

WOnderful story and wonderful sandbox!