Friday High Five

I fell behind on my blog reading again this week, so I just have five things to say:

1. Sanjaya in the top eleven is evidence that too many tweenie girls in America have cell phones / access to text messaging.

2. Happy Birthday to Mommy Dearest at Home Sweet Home!

3. Two weeks from today my friend Angela and her husband and adorable red-headed children are coming to visit for the weekend and I can't hardly wait.

4. A dialogue from this morning's 20-minute drive to David's work:

Me: Do you think he's going to stop talking today at all?
David: Not a chance...The thought did cross my mind that I think I would go insane if I had to keep answering and responding like this much longer...
Me: Gives you a little insight into my state of being upon your arrival home each evening, does it?
David: Uh, yeah...Well, have a good day. (smooch, hops out of the car...)
Calvin: What if a car carrier broke down? Why does that truck have black stripes on the sign on the back? Are we going to get breakfast? What does D-X-R-E-N-O-O spell? Are we on road number 123? How come...? Mom! Mom! I asked you something! Mom!

5. If I could recommend one really thoughtful and meaningful post to go read, it's Karen's Fears and Desires over at The Big Trade-off.

And have a great weekend.


someone else said...

It seems like every year on American Idol there is one of these contestants who defies logic. He seems to be the one this year. He'll get voted off when they narrow it down some more, but it's sad when deserving talent leaves and people like him stay in. Can't figure it out.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I think Howard Stern and the Vote For the Worst movement is gaining momentum! Hmmph!

Unknown said...

On days when 4 year old Amanda and I were in the car all day doing errands, I almost went insane with all the chatter. A time or two, I had to tell her (very nicely) that she just had to be quiet for a while. She wasn't in trouble, but I needed a break. I think I have another talker coming up behind her. . . .

Unknown said...

My hubs and I had a similar conversation the other day about our non-stop toddler and made the comment: "Remember the good ol' days before she could talk?"

Of course, the trade-off was all her crying.

A draw?