Home Again, Home Again...

Um. You probably know already that I love our camera. We used it a lot - and I mean, a lot - on our vacation.

Which is wonderful and awful all at the same time.

I won't tell you how many pictures we snapped, but it is also the number of pictures that I need to look through, edit, label and post.

Trust me, it is a quantity that I'm sure even those of you who really, really love me and my children, do NOT want to look through until they are edited in some fashion.

But Portugal was amazing and beautiful and we all had a pretty great time. I will try to share in bits and pieces over the next little while, as I sort through photos and the laundry.

I am working on a whole series of "You Should Live Here" posts before we don't live here anymore, too, so stay with me. It will probably be more quantity than quality, but I will try to make it at least a tiny bit as enthralling as the Oceanarium was to my kids:


The Jane: Eight Months Old

Jane had her eight-month photo shoot while we vacationed in Portugal...

She's crawling for real now, and pulls up to just about anything pretty fearlessly. Her feathery little hairs are getting longer and stand straight up most of the time, despite Aunt Jo's efforts at taming them. She is feisty and remains devoted to Muhmuhmuhmummm (which is truly what she calls me!), although she has taken to saying, "Papapapapapapapah" in a grainy little voice. She is working hard at cutting two top teeth (hence the slobbery front in many of the pics) and pretty much wants to eat whatever we are eating -she screeches and twists in her chair when she even sees baby food coming. Her sleep routine is getting worse instead of better, but it is hard to resist her insistence on snuggling. Ah well.

And without further adieu...Jane in her tutu on the beach: