Don't Get Too Excited

Ummmmm....I think I've been away too long. I feel out of my depth navigating the "new" blogger dashboard. Is it new? Sheesh.

And I don't know how much I'll continue blogging here, but I've stumbled on a few things lately that need to be recorded (mostly for me) and this seems the best place to do it. 

Today, it's a list. We did some room re-arranging and organizing for the boys in preparation for back to school and I helped Charlie clean his dresser out and move his clothes to a new one. His whole bottom drawer, as it turns out, was dubbed his "treasure" drawer a while back. 

He hoards, people. It's scary but also insanely adorable. About a third of the way through his treasures, I decided I needed to make a list of everything he had going on in there, because it says so much about Charlie. 

It also says a lot about me, because I could TOTALLY understand why he was keeping about 75% of what he was keeping. And that is scary.

So, here you go:

(the quotes are his commentary)
  • 2 dried grapevines with really cool spirals
  • 18 perfectly sharpened pencils
  • assorted sticky-backed craft jewels
  • several hundred 1x1 legos (the boys have a complicated trading game in which these legos are currency - Charlie's rich)
  • a cast-off cosmetic bag filled with 8 bluejay feathers
  • 11 beer bottle caps
  • a handful of Ukrainian kopeks
  • 4 birthday cards from his grandmas
  • 1 Valentine from his Mom
  • 2 miniature paper airplanes
  • part of a packing box - "Because when you put the two pieces together it makes a perfect circle."
  • 1 shiny rock - "It's so cool, because it's shaped like a van...and a gun."
  • 1 empty wipes box and 2 empty small mailing boxes - "In case I need to keep small things."
  • 1 large top of an acorn - "The inside part grew smaller and smaller so I just kept this part."
  • 1 favorite Matchbox car
  • 2 ziplocks of Legos, one of which is only red pieces 
  • 2 shells of large pond snails
  • 1 dry snake skin
  • 3 plastic knives
  • 1 ziplock of shells from the beach
  • 1 crow feather
  • 2 empty ziplocks - "Also for small things I might need to keep."
  • a milk jug
  • a syrup bottle
  • a tennis ball
  • a small mostly in tact bird's nest - "I'll keep this out until the end and put it on top, so it won't get broken apart."