The Inkblot Test, Geography Style

Calvin found a little world map the other day and after looking at it for a while, he came to tell me what he had learned: "Mom! All these countries look like something else!" I asked him to explain and he pointed to the silhouette pictures of the continents that were at the side of the map. Then he showed me...

This one looks like a fluffy dog standing up to catch a (Madagascarian) doggie treat:

This one looks like a party hat (Ole! Carnaval!):

And (my favorite) this one looks like a duck with a worm in its mouth:

I was a little troubled that to see these images he had to rotate the pictures of the continents 180 degrees. So, just to make sure he doesn't have any underlying thought disorders or psychosis, I presented him with the ultimate inkblot of geography. To my great relief, he confidently answered that sure enough, Italy looks like a boot.

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