Funniest Meltdown Ever

Henry finished on the toilet this morning and I told him to go ahead and flush and put his underwear and pants back on (he has to completely undress to do certain things), and remember to close the door to the bathroom when he came out. This is pretty standard procedure, so when I heard him screaming and growling and crying in the hall a few seconds later, I wasn't sure what it was about (especially since Calvin isn't home).

As I rounded the corner and said, "Henry, what is the problem?" he groaned and threw his sweatpants across the floor inexasperation. He started crying and said to me: "We are going to have to throw those pants away, because now they only have one leg hole!"

I picked the pants up and found that one of the pantlegs was inside out and perfectly pushed inside the other, so they truly looked like one-legged pants. I pictured him struggling with them, trying to get his legs in one leg, and I started to giggle. But what made me laugh the most is that Henry was seriously upset, sure that the pants had undergone an unfixable transformation while he had them off, and that the only solution seemed to be to get rid of them.

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