Happy Valentine's Day!

Calvin said this morning, "Uh, mom, shouldn't we be crackalackin' on making Valentines and hearts for everyone?"

Yes, crackalackin'.

I've just never really caught the larger spirit of Valentine's Day, so I'm not sure what "hearts for everyone" should look like...

And first we have to convince the dad that it's a "real" holiday. He left for work this morning mumbling something about Hallmark constructs...

That's OK, though, because last night he took me to eat at Marrakesh, a fab.u.lous. Moroccan restaurant in the district. Like stepping into a whole other world - literally through a (steel-door) hole in a wall that you would never think is a restaurant, even after you noticed the name on the exterior wall, posted very clearly...in Arabic. The food is served family style, you eat with your fingers, and there's a belly dancer partway through for your entertainment.

As an added treat last night, Muhammed, the manager, came and gave us a mini culture and geography lesson on Morocco, including where to find the best beach and what those strange guitar-looking gourd-like instruments hanging on the wall were. We've been to Marrakesh only once before, on New Year's Eve, pre-Henry. The New Year's atmosphere is decidedly more energizing than a random Wednesday in February, but nonetheless, it is one of the funnest dining experiences ever.

Calvin and I did make some sweet treats for his preschool party yesterday:Valentine Popcorn and Sweetheart Kabobs. Calvin and Henry both had fun sprinkling and stirring the popcorn to make it pink, and Calvin was a trooper cutting out many of the watermelon hearts for the kabobs. Shapes, patterns, counting, helping mom, eating fruit...It was quite fun.

To make Valentine Popcorn, mix up a small bowl of cinnamon sugar, add a few drops of red food coloring and stir it well until it is nice and pink. Pop your popcorn (we did microwave) and sprinkle the sugar on top while it's still warm. Toss to coat and add more pink sugar as needed. We had to add some spray butter a couple times to get the pink to stick, but it was a yummy snack - crunchy and not too sweet.

So I guess we're not total Valentine scrooges around here.

Hope your Valentine's Day is full of fun and lots of Xs and Os. And if it isn't yet, then you better get crackalackin'. Love begins at home, and all that.


Ice Cream said...

Wow, I am thoroughly impressed with the heart shaped watermelon kabobs.

someone else said...

Cute, cute, cute!!

Did I mention that those are cute?

Acacia said...

Those kabobs are C.U.T.E. as can be! That recipe sounds yummy, too! And I'm with ya on the "not totally into it" thing.

Gabriela said...

Fabulous ideas! I am going to steal them both for next year! (and if I were you I'd buy some on sale Valentines right now to take with you for next year!)

The Amazing Trips said...

Those kabobs are awesome!!

Yay for a date night!! Our idea of a date night is putting the kids to bed early and eating a bag of dates. We're crackalackin' all right!! :)