Just so you know...

I'm still here. Just a little despondent for whatever reason, and more than a little blogstipated.

But not so much so that I can't coin a bloggity term, huh? Can't wait 'til it shows up on Wikipedia. Then I will really know that I have virtually arrived.

So here's where you get to think up clinical names for a blogosphere equivalent to Ex-Lax. Or peddle a little blog fodder to get me going again. Or share your personal experience with blogstipation. Whaddayasay? Hmmm?


someone else said...

I was just sitting out back reading and thinking about you. I was going to come in and go back through your posts to see when your husband gets back, thinking maybe you were busy with him home, and then....here you are. I've missed you.

Wish I had anything great to say to pick you up, but sometimes a blog break is just plain good for us. Blogstipated -- good word. Come back when you're ready.

Oh.......how about a picture of the paper chain. How many links are left?

Lana said...

I don't know the perfect DW age, we are going next June and I will have kids 2 1/2 to a month shy of 20. If you can wait I'll let you know then who liked it best.

Maybe it'll be me!

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear you are a little down. Can't think of any bloggy exlax to get things "moving". Maybe you could go through some of your old posts and repost some of your favorite ones for those of us that are new. That way you aren't having to come up with "new" material. Just a thought.

Super Happy Girl said...

Just give CalHenry: 1 ball, whipped cream, an open jar of cheeries, a dozen eggs.
Get your camera, take notes, enjoy.

No? Ok, maybe you could blog about Blogstipation, submit it to Wiki or the Urban Dictionary.
Yesterdai I thought about quitting blogtopia, I'm still thinking about it. Could it Blogstipation? see? I need a description.

'Cause the only prescription is more cowbell.

Anonymous said...

well I tried to accomodate you with Wiki but I googled the word first, and sorry chica, you aren't the first one.

I know that just made your day, huh? :)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Perhaps a nice little meme-tag will help your blogstipation? I tagged you over at my blog. It's a kid meme, so if you and Calvin are up to it, join in. If not, that's okay too!

Unknown said...

Yeah--I've been thinking that you seem a little scarce lately. I like your term though. I have a friend who has been dry for a while, and loves the tag. . . . And don't you even be thinking that you can quit when "the man" comes home.

Code Yellow Mom said...

NCS: I like your idea a a lot. It would require grocery shopping with CalHenry, which I could maybe muster the enthusiasm for if my good camera wasn't waiting for repair in Jersey somewhere.

Tess: You've humbled me.

Amanda, Morning Glory and Katrina - I think I'll take you up on all your ideas. Thanks for your input!

Hang with me...we've got a weekend of dad coming home, my birthday, and a 9/11 tribute...surely I'll have SOMETHING to say, right?

Unknown said...

There must be something in the water, I'm feeling a little stopped up too, blog-wise. When I am feeling uninspired, I borrow from other bloggers, some call it blog burglery, I call it the Dissemination of Inforamtion. Thanks for stopping by HotFruitaMoms.

Gina Conroy said...

Just so you know, I'm still reading and working on that kids meme. Since my kids are old enough to read, I have to put a lot of thought into what I say...Just in case!

Millie said...

Holy Poop! Did NCS just say she was thinking of quitting her blog? I must slap some sense into her.

OK, so you need some mental Ex-Lax... Um... you could always do some kind of word of the day or on this day in history thing, and then make it funny. Like, use the word out of context or make some snarky remark about ... something. I don't know. I'm kind of there too.

This is my contribution: BLUNES. Like, blog-prunes. Blunes. Yeah, it's stupid. Shut up. ;)