A Toast: Two Memes

Memes are a sure way to aid in recovery after a dry spell, right? I've been tagged twice in the last few days and decided to buck up and fill in the blanks, not to mention support meme-starters everywhere. (Anyone had any pizza lately?)

#1: Famous in Our Own Lunchtimes
(Jennifer at Snapshot tagged me for this meme created by Catez in New Zealand - you gotta check out her reason for the name of the meme. )

What do you like most about where you live? The region: American History ev.ry.where. Free museums, tons of parks, historic homes. An amazing variety of trees and birds - so beautiful and interesting. And I love the diversity of people - so many fabulous restaurants, religions, ethnic groups...

Is there anything strange about where you live? Just because of the type of work that is in this area (political, techy, and academic) a great majority of the people here are "Type A," high strung, intense, over-achievers. I used to think I was one myself, but have come to realize that that was because I lived in a laid-back small western town, so I was only intense in comparison. People here get a lot done, but there is always a pressure, rush, and tension in the air about work, success, achievement, education, money, social skills. It really is palpable, which is what is strange. It's good in some ways, because it pushes us all along to be better, but it is definitely something to get used to, and takes a lot of practice to tune some of it out, not get stressed with everyone else, and live for one's own values. (How's that for a very analytical and serious answer?)

What is one of your all-time favorite music albums, and why? I don't have one - I have never really been in love with a group necessarily - music is mostly mood to me. I used to make "mix tapes" like crazy when I was in high school and college, changing up the songs based on what I felt or was going through at the time, whatever made me tap my feet or sing along or think of the crush I could never talk to. I have had small eras of ad nauseum listening with my mom's old 45s, as well as Meatloaf, Marc Cohn, Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Counting Crows, and Eva Cassidy, all of whom I adore still, but I'm mostly a mix kind of girl.

Did you have a passion for something as a kid that you still have now? (If not - what is one of your passions now?) Reading. Reading. Reading. From the time my 2nd grade teacher read the Little House Books aloud to our class and I got my own set the summer after, I have been a reader. It is my passport to everywhere else. Reading is my teacher, my friend, my escape, my peace, my thrill, my own little world. I love getting into a plot, I love analyzing great thoughts, I love to study the scriptures, I love beach reads and great literary reads...If I could do anything all day long and not worry about time or sleep or food, it would be reading.

What do you like most about having a blog? Having people "hear" me. The chance to articulate and record things that I might not, otherwise. Feeling connected with other moms and knowing it's OK to say it's not bliss all the time. "Meeting" other bloggers who share their thoughts and educate and entertain me.

I tag Tammy, Nettie and Barb for this one. Oh, and Morning Glory.

#2: The Snapshot Meme
(Katrina at Callapidder Days tagged me and Calvin for this meme created by Jennifer in honor of her "baby's" eighth birthday.)

Here's how Cal (age 3 1/2) answered:

1. Something I do well - "Draw."

2. Something I'd like to improve on - "Playing."

3. My favorite food - "Chicken. No, shrimp. Well, I like chicken and shrimp."

4. Three words that best describe me - "I love myself and I do nice things and I do nice thoughts."

5. My happiest moment - "When we went to Grandma's house."

6. The most important thing in my life now - "That I love you."

7. Then to the moms: Were you surprised by any of the answers? I was most surprised by how he answered with little or no prodding from me - I only had to rephrase "something I'd like to improve on" to "something I'd like to do better." How nice it would be if we all had as a goal to play better, huh?

This actually gave me a lot of insight into the little guy. For example, I would not have said he was good at drawing, because he doesn't ever really sit and draw or color necessarily, but he must like to create.

The "I love myself" answer doesn't necessarily match the question of three words, but it just came right out of his mouth, and it did my heart good - oh, if I can just send my kids out into the world loving themselves in the wholesome, confident, child-like way that only a three-year-old can mean it, I will feel like I really accomplished something as their mom.

And did anyone else's heart melt about the most important thing in his life being that he loved me? I know it won't last, but how precious...

Now to tag someone with interesting, hilarious, mysterious or spunky children: Rhythmless, Millie, Gabriela, No Cool Story, and anyone else who wants to - choose your most interesting, hilarious, mysterious or spunky child and do this meme with them. Thanks - you guys are the best.


Angela said...

I could not contain the "ohhhhhhhhhh!" that leapt from my mouth when I read #6. Truly one of the most tender things I've read. I'm not so sure that has to change. I mean, it's even a commandment, right?

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Great answers (for both memes!). And I have to say, I just LOVE that Cal wants to improve on playing (I, myself, would like to improve my napping), and that the most important thing in his life is that he loves you. What a precious little guy you have there!

Unknown said...

Great answers! That Cal is a sweety, and yes, "I love myself" (not to mention the nice things and nice thoughts) can be an answer anytime in my book.

My inlaws are part of the beltway culture, too, and I loved your insight about that.

And I forgot that you were the famous pizza box meme starter (for which I never got tagged).

someone else said...

Being a grandma, #5 grabbed my heart. There's nothing sweeter than a grandchild WANTING to be a grandma's house.

I got your tag for the other meme, and I'll do it next week. We're leaving town for the mountains today with my husband's choir and I may not have an opportunity to blog or think straight with 38 college students around.

Barb said...

I so understand about the music. Mood. It's everything. But...Springsteen seems to hit my evey mood. He really does. The man's timeless.

And man oh man, I hate to do this to you. I LOVE it that you tagged me. But...


I did this meme in my Sunday Meanderings. I'd love you to read it but I'm afraid you're going to have to read through some of my other stuff, too. Stuff I'm trying to deal with, not good.

Thank you so much for tagging me. My meme was actually quite pithy. It's just the rest of it that wasn't so great.

Thanks, CYM. And next time you're coming back to visit your folks, well, I'd sure like to know since they're like, 10 miles from where I live. :-)

Nettie said...

Cal answers were so sweet, they made me want to give him a hug! I'm sure he's glad I'm out here in cyberspace!

I will gladly do your meme, just as soon as I'm done planning sharing time...

Angela said...

I JUST got the cleverness of your title, "A Toast". You really are so witty.