Too Much Birthday

You may already know, but that's a title of a Berenstein Bears book about the cubs getting a little out of control spoiled after so many gifts and sweets and privileges on their birthday. I've never read it, but whenever one of the kids starts acting up at a family gathering, my uncle diagnoses it with, "Too much birthday."

I'm not acting terribly spoiled rotten, I don't think, but I have to go back to my birthday for a moment...As far as I'm concerned, it's still the season until September is over.

For one thing, Husband came home the night before. That was wonderful, of course, and I was pretty sure that he hadn't lined anything up birthday-wise for me, so I was just going to be happy to have him. And I was.

But a very funny thing happened: The night before, the boys and I had Chinese food and the fortune in my cookie said, "You have a beautiful cake waiting for you." I thought to myself, I don't think so, unless I bake it for myself. And then after my birthday I blogged on over to Tess's place, and what do you think was waiting for me there? A princess cake. Yep. Pretty awesome, huh?

Add that fortuitous cake to the phenomenal post by my RLF, Rhythmless, and I was feeling pret.ty.spayshul. And quite celebrated. I do blush from all the praise, but in the blogosphere I am not above tooting my own birthday kazoo one more time, you see. It's just one of the nicest things anyone ever did, so it's more about saying thanks than making sure you all know how great she thinks I am. Really.

Auntie S gave me some Audrey clothes - she has the best fashion sense and lots of things I think I am too frumpy to pull off, she chooses for me, says I am so suited for them, and I look and feel great. It's like she sees a whole different me than I see, and it makes me feel like a million bucks. Which is always a very nice thing, right?

My mom has given me cake takers for some of my birthdays - one is a replica, one is vintage, and this year, she gave me one that is a basket - so awesome. I love to bake and take cakes AND I love how my cake takers add a little old fashioned decorative touch to the dining room when they're not in use. Of course I'm having picture issues so I will have to add them later. Anyway, I heart cake takers and now I have three. Happy birthday to me.

And then, my grandma always picks out the most special cards. The one she sent this year made me cry because she and I have a close relationship and I know she misses me a lot. The card said:

You've added to the joy of life
in a million lovely ways.
You've helped me keep my spirit young.
You've brightened all my days.
And if I ever spoiled you,
I don't regret it for a minute.
The world has been a better place
Since the first day you were in it.

Soooo sweet.

And I am spoiled, I know it - all this doesn't even include the nice gift cards and b-day money I got in the mail in the days leading up to my big day.

But I hope I don't act so badly that people start thinking I've had too much birthday. Because I sure like it. Even though I'm 8 times 4 now.

I will feel really sheepish if you all leave more happy wishes, because I just wanted to document how great people were to me (the blog as journal), so if you want to leave a comment, how 'bout you tell me about your most memorable birthday, or one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for you in general. Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday CYM!!! It's nice to have a birthday remembered.

I was born at 8:36 am mountain time and my parents call me in the morning around that time to wish me happy birthday. It's always a sweet start to the day.

Nettie said...

Awww, how sweet! Sounds like you had a way "spayshul" B-day! (And I'm dying to see pictures of your cake takers!)