Partay at Code Yellow's!

11ish p.m. - finished unslumping myself by completing two memes and blogging around a bit.

12 a.m. - Cal came into the room as I was going to bed to say that he just is not having a good time sleeping tonight. hmm. And that he wants to call Dad.

12:30 a.m. - We finish the phone call to Molvania and snuggle in to sleep.

1 a.m. - Henry comes in to waller, chatter, roll, tickle, chatter, tumble, wrestle with the blankets, his stuffed kitty, and his sleeping brother.

3 a.m. - I take a still-awake Henry back to his own bed with a strict injunction to GO. TO. SLEEP. I go into the bathroom and come out to find him sitting in the middle of my bed with an impish grin on his face when the light from the bathroom door finds him.

So here we are - he's finished taking apart a pad of little sticky notes that he was calling tickets. He kept giving me tickets...I've lost all inclination to sleep (a couple hours of fighting the insomnia and the 2-year-old and I've given up). And now he's asking for "tootpest" for his "tootbus."

But some good has come of it. At 3:56 a.m. I received this excellent test result:

Which Classic Female Literary Character Are you?

You're Jane Eyre of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte!
Take this quiz!

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So, come on over - Jane'll be cooking pancakes in just a couple more hours!


Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Awww... Well, Jane, I hope you get a good nap in today. You just might need one.

Now I'm off to take the literary character quiz.

Unknown said...

It's almost 9am now, so it must be naptime by now.

Angela said...

AHHAHAHAHA!! That was such a lovely and friendly post considering your night. I love love LOVE that Henry was back on your bed when you came out of the bathroom. What a little tootpest!

Do you really think Jane Eyre would take personality tests at 4 AM?

I hope you all get big ol' naps today.

Millie said...

I was Marianne Dashwood. I really must read more of these books because I have no idea if I should be insulted or not.

Ditto Rhythm-less... hope you and the boys get some nigh-nigh in today. :)

Kristen said...

Oh, ugh. Sounds like a great night. I hate nights like that.

Hope you sleep better tonight!

Super Happy Girl said...

I'm Catherine Earnshaw of Wuthering Heights (by Emily Bronte. 4% of people had this result, which means something, I guess. Catherine is somewhat spoiled and arrogant, the opposite of Jane E.

How can I get back to work if you keep posting interesting stuff?
Party Bed. Well, it's much better that tossing and turning by your lonely self, at least everybody had fun.

Tammy said...

Nothing like not not sleeping all night! Hope tonight is better for you!

(And thank you for the tag! I will try to do this in the next week or so!)

smart mama said...

it's those sleepless nights the celeb mom's must be looking for ;>!

Lana said...

way to go Jane, hope you get more sleep:)

The Amazing Trips said...

HA!!! I love pancakes!!!

These are good times. You're making memories. Just keep reminding yourself of that ... :)

Nettie said...

Mmmmmm, pancakes! Hope you managed to get a nap, or two, in, too!

I'm Marianne Dashwood. Just can't see it in me, though. In Millie, yes!