We're Not the Only Ones

Yesterday at the park, Charlie and David stopped on a bridge to watch a family of ducks. Baby ducks all in a row behind their mom have to be among the cutest things on earth, and Charlie knows that already.

When he sees something cute or small, his voice gets cute and small and he was exclaiming, over and over in his dimunitive baby duck voice, "Babies! So tyooot! Baby ducks! Tyyyyooooooot!" He squinted his eyes and smiled and scrunched his shoulders to further demonstrate the tiny cuteness while pointing with his pudgy little finger and tugging on David to get him to "yook!"

Just then two young professional women came over the bridge and stopped to listen and see what he was looking at and one of them said to the other, "I'm gonna have to get married soon or else get real serious about in vitro." Her friend looked at her a bit incredulously and said, "Why?!" And the first woman gestured emphatically at Charlie, as if to say, "How can you not want children when you see something like this?"

It made David laugh and when he told me about the exchange, he said, "I guess we know with at least one of our children that it's not just us who think he's irresistibly adorable."

I'm also glad it's not just in me that he inspires the desire to have a baby. Makes lumbering around expecting my fourth a little more tyoot. Maybe.

If I could just get my little ducks to follow me all in a row...


Jenny P. said...

They are undeniably adorable. All of them. And I've only ever seen them in pictures. :)

Gabriela said...

Yes, I agree, your boys, and baby ducks are very tyoot.

I'm sure you are a cute pregnant woman as well. :) (I did hate being pregnant with my fourth in public when my kids were being less than cute-I was always worried that people were like, "and you're having another because???"

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

People want to have kids because the are so cute. But the best birth control in the world is watching kids when they are far less than cute.