My Not-So-Real Life

Our first week in London has come and gone. David went back to Kiev this morning and we are on our own (with our wonderful live-in mother's helper) for the next month until he gets back.

We are staying in a nice flat in a nice part of London, within walking distance of the doctor's office, the private hospital where I'll have the baby, some very reasonable shopping, not to mention Regent's Park and Hyde Park. The boys are in heaven with all the green space, and the Tube makes getting to any part of London pretty easy (albeit extraordinarily hot).

The corporate rental company that owns our apartment provides a cleaning service twice a week, so it's almost like being in a hotel, with fresh linens and regularly vacuumed floors.

We've ventured through the parks, found a beautiful shady playground two blocks away where the boys are happy to play. We've also gone to the London Tower, spent a day at Legoland Windsor, ridden the London Eye, and experienced the London aquarium (Baltimore is better, but...), and had some fabulous fish and chips.

It feels really wierd to not have anything much to do besides gestate and sight-see. I do have to reign in my sight-seeing desires because I am huge and it is quite warm right now (a heat wave for London, and no A/C) and because the boys are good for about 4 hours before they completely melt down. However, there are so many kid-friendly and beautiful places to be.

I feel really spoiled right now and it's kinda killing the blog, because I have nothing to complain or be sarcastic about. I hate to admit that. I've also been really lazy about taking pictures. But I'll try to remedy that soon, especially since "Dad" is not on our adventures with us right now.

I'm going to try to do a couple "postcard" London things this week - double decker bus and Changing of the Guard, etc. and post a few pictures. The weather is supposed to cool off, so I think I will catch my second wind and be a lot more energetic.

Mostly I'm just soaking it up and enjoying the blessing of being in a marvelous city and spending every day with my little boys.


Real said...

Wow. Never has London sounded so good. What a great last leg of your pregnancy! Sounds like you're pretty pampered.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Who says you have to have something to complain about to blog? I do little complaining (with my wife laughing in the background), and I have kept my blog alive for almost a year. You have three boys, that should give you blog fodder for the next several years.

Helen said...

I am glad you are enjoying London.
Honest, I am jealous now, as London is one of my very favorite cities. Wish I could be there.
Take the boys to British Museum - huge and cool and lots to see (and I think it was free for main galleries, the special exhibitions you have to pay ... but things may have changed since I was in London last time). My personal favorite is National Gallery - great art and there is stuff for kids as well (i think :) ...). When you venture out of London - I loved Brighton bu the coast and there is also a palace there with lots of interesting stuff to see.
Enjoy London for me too!
Greetings from smoggy China!

Andrea said...

Sounds wonderful.
Enjoy your time.
Can't wait to hear more about your adventures.

Blog O' Beth said...

I LOVE LONDON!! and am so envious that you are getting to share this great city with your kids! How fun. Do no feel bad for the pampering, but instead relish in it. Cheers!

Shannon said...

Fun!!! I'm so glad you get to be there!

Ambulance Mommy said...

ooooh, a cleaning service! thats an awesome thing to have at the end of a pregnancy! just relax, and enjoy it!! you deserve it :)

and Megan sounds awesome. can i borrow her when you are done? :)