They Call Me Madame

It's lovely. Because it's English and I don't have to psych myself up to ask for something in Russian in the stores - I never realized the minor momentary stress that gives me every time.

We are in London! The boys were superb on the flight, we caught a train into the city easily and rode in the awesome black cab the rest of the way to our place last night, and spent the morning in Regent's Park (only a block away) today. I had a Subway sandwich for lunch. Sooooo good.

There's no A/C in our apartment, which is a little bit miserable indoors for me, but the weather isn't unbearable outdoors and I am loving the cleanliness and order of this city, even though it is definitely busy and noisy.

I'm taking pictures and we are getting settled in, so I'll get posting more in the next day or two. We're going to be sight-seeing a lot while David is in town with us, celebrating Henry's 5th birthday, observing the 4th of July in Britain (which makes me laugh!) and I get to meet my doctor for the first time this week. Stay tuned....


Andrea said...

How exciting!
Glad all went well on the way there. Can't wait to hear more.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Good to hear you made it to London. I would love to go there some day. I would have to take a boat, or drug my wife to get her to go with me. She doesn't do planes, and you can't drive to London from Ohio.

Gabriela said...

Have to say I'm a little jealous you're in a new place. funny how it gets in your blood-all the moving and excitement of it all. I'd almost consider having another baby if I got to go to London to deliver!

Gald you are well. :)