Who knew that hotel living, even four star hotel living - could get old? We're at Auntie S's for our last few days and I'm happy to be somewhere a little less transient feeling. Even though we're still living out of suitcases.

I'm busy laundering, packing, chasing, shopping, organizing, saying good-bye to favorite places and people, trying to let my kids play a little, and prepping for the big airplane ride to Kiev on Wednesday. 

(Look what I found, on sale, in all three of my boys' sizes. Yes, they are wearing them to fly overnight. Because I'm their mom and it makes me happy. Every little happiness counts, you know. Plus, it might be fun to conduct an experiment on number of comments: Will more fellow-flyers mention the fact that we have three boys, that the boys have matching pajamas, or that they love our stroller? Perhaps I need a sidebar survey, huh?)

Henry has been ill again so we had to squeeze some doctor visits and bloodwork in last minute. I think it's mostly what you get when you take a kid with a susceptibility to viruses and the inability to not touch every surface in reach to new York City. It's not pretty, but we're just trying to rule out the more serious possibilities before we go live in a country where the hospitals make you sick, if you weren't when you came in.

As you can imagine, blog posting hasn't made the top of my to-do list in the last few days, but I'm not giving it up totally, I promise - just taking a real-life maintenance break. Thanks for checking in with me and I hope to be online more regularly again in a couple weeks.  How does October work for you? 


In the meantime - I'd love a little material for when I'm Code Yellowing again. What do you want to know? Funny, serious, curious, nosey, random, whatever. Give me a question to build a post on. 

I'm also in the market for poetic two-syllable words. Got any?


Unknown said...

Oh hi! I haven't been here in a few weeks obviously and missed that you have a date, and here you are about to move.

I love whatever you write, so I won't even try to give you suggestions.

Kyle (4) is so into rhyming words now that I should have him help you.

Mosey, that's a poetic word with posey, rosy, nosy

Lovely and ugly sort of rhyme and are an interesting contrast.

Laughter, after, crafter, rafter

Bon Voyage!

Michelle said...

The pj's are adorable!

Linda said...

Having spent time in a Ukranian hospital, I'm thrilled that you're getting all the information out of the way before you go... since my experience tells me that you DON'T want to be in a hospital over there...

I will miss you while you're gone, but I will keep watching the blog... October works well for me; as long as it works well for you...

I'd love to hear about a the shopping experience in Kiev; clothing styles; the hardest thing to find; if you can find Macaroni and Cheese...


love you guys - and I love the pajamas.

Janelle said...

We've taken to dressing the boys alike or in like colors when we go out to busy public places and I love the, Oh, four boys?!? we get from people. I love those jammies, they will be comfy on the plane.
Have a safe trip and we'll all be waiting to hear more in October. Don't forget about us!
I'm not poetic so I can't help you there, but I'm sure you'll come up with something.

someone else said...

The jammies are adorable. I think people will fall all over themselves telling you what cute little boys you have.

Good luck, and I'll be looking for whatever you post. I like all of it.

Gabriela said...

Hey! Good luck this week! Love the jammies-I say the cuter your kids look on the plane, the nicer people are.

I would post on anything and everything-the ups and downs-because you will look back and be amazed at what you've gone through and how much you've grown. :)

daysease said...

Flotsam and Jetsom... oops just blanked on the spellings... whimsy have a great day... What is your favorite Autumn memory? and what do you traditionally do to dress up your home in FALL wear?

Aimee said...

Best of luck to you on your big journey to a new land. As for advice on future blog material, I think a "plethora" (poetic word, but sorry, three syllables) of events will just fall into your lap after you arrive in Kiev. Things will happen to you that you couldn't make up if you tried. I bet you'll be taking notes on the multiple things that happen each day just to keep track of them all. And I look forward to reading each and every one: happy, sad, funny, strange, etc.

GranolaGirl said...

I'm excited for your family, and I admire your sense of adventure. I pray that you will have a safe trip there and the boys will love their new home.

I want to hear all about the plane trip, and I want to see a picture of your stroller :-) I'm a little bit of a stroller geek.