Makes Perfect Sense

The internet guy came tonight. We have seven cable connections in this apartment. Actually, maybe even more, if you count the rooms that have more than one apparent connection. Living room, bedrooms, entry hall...

He tried every single one, trying to get the internet set up. He moved furniture and looked in other corners. He went downstairs and upstairs asking our neighbors if they had internet connections. He checked the cables outside. No juice.

Not one connection would work. From room to room he and David went, while I fed the boys and rocked the baby and hoped that it wasn't as bad as I thought. And braced myself to not completely lose it when they said that yes, we have no internet.

I laid in a dark bedroom with the baby until I couldn't hear David and the guy talking anymore and the baby was more or less asleep.

I came out and there was nothing in any room that looked like the internet had moved in. I thought the guy had left already, and with him went my last hope of technological happiness.

And I was not going to cry. Too much.

Then I walked into the kitchen.

There was the internet guy filling out paperwork. And my husband, sitting at the kitchen table across from him - reading my blog!

It would appear that the only functioning internet cable connection of all possible cable conections in our place is in the kitchen.

Behind the refrigerator.

Of course!


NOBODY said...


Glad internet guy was persistent.

What time is it there?

Anonymous said...

We are 7hrs ahead of Eastern Standard Time. You will have to figure out what time that makes it for you, Nobody, in the Marshall Islands.


Ambulance Mommy said...

Hey, at least you have the internet! So glad to have you back "online" and looking forward to the stories you have saved up!

Real said...

Whew! Because that probably would have been a deal-breaker, had you known right? UGH!

Well, glad to have you back on line!

Linda Stahr said...

I'm not laughing... MUCH! This is, after all, the UKRAINE, we're talking about! I love it. Can't wait to read more! (And hello to the entire family...)

Blog O' Beth said...

Yeah you are back!!! Virtual hugs, virtual hugs!! You are connected to the world and we're glad to have you back. Hang in there mama - we're thinkin' of you!!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Well, naturally, that's the first place I would have looked. :) So glad you're connected again!

The Amazing Trips said...

Hurray for the internet!!

I'm so glad that you are getting settled in. And nothing helps that process of settling more than a connection to the web. Right?!

Stay safe!!

megachick said...

that sounds perfect..it provides a natural hiding spot from which to write your blog posts!
congrats and can't wait to read the adventures.