Vocabulary Check and A New "P"

So my husband came home from work yesterday and gave me a long hug and said, "Are you really despondent?" And I said, "Yeah, a little." And he said, "I'm worried about you and sad that you are feeling so low. What can I do?"

First, how nice is that to have a husband that talks about feelings? Can you imagine? He's a gem, seriously.

But secondly, I had to ask...is "despondent" that bad? I was thinking it meant blue or gloomy, kinda apathetic, maybe mildly depressed. He was thinking it meant utterly hopeless, not wanting to go on. We were both kinda right, but I think it is more what he thought it meant.

So to clarify, because I do take depression seriously and didn't want anyone overly concerned, I'm just blue, and thankfully not horribly so. I'll try to keep my inadvertent hyperbole in check. Although "despondent" is a very cool word.

In other news, we worked out one whole day of potty training Henry yesterday. I made up the chart and Henry picked out some thrilling stickers, and he used the toilet nine times, stayed clean and dry the entire afternoon.

But the best part is discovering another key to our potty-training method: Peer Pressure. (It even starts with a "p!")

Every time Henry said he needed to go, Calvin said, "I'll help him!" I was leery at first, because the last thing I need is both of them in the bathroom together for any length of time, especially involving the toilet.

But it works! Cal cheers him on like there's no tomorrow, Henry comes out all proud that he went and that his big hero brother thinks it's the best thing ever, then Calvin administers the sticker, they count the stickers on the chart again together, Calvin raves about how great Henry is doing, and we're good to go.

The first thing Henry said to me this morning was that he needed to go potty.

So, yeah...definitely not completely hopeless.


Anonymous said...

WOW it sounds like you got the boy well on his way to being socially acceptable for school!!! I would have to say it has been seven months and I still teeter on "despondantly blue".(????) Sounds like you have a great support to help you:)

Unknown said...

Yea for Henry! Kyle is just a bit older than Henry, and we've been at it for 3 months. We have good days and bad days. Here's hoping that you have perpetually good days! I will say without hyperbole, that I have sometimes felt quite despondent about potty training!!

someone else said...

Are they for real??? That's just the cutest potty training hurrah.

The Amazing Trips said...

Oh, if only you lived next door to me, we could be despondent, TOGETHER. Our children could peer pressure each other in to potty training while we sat on the couch, watching the world fall down around us, and eat bon bons.

And then, I'd teach you how to ski downhill. Provided it snowed in San Diego, which it doesn't. BUT ... we do live two hours south of Disney Land, so I could take you on Space Mountain.

Wouldn't that be grand?! :)

Super Happy Girl said...

I love the potty training method!!

Sounds like you are over you Blueness :)
When the kids are older you, jen and I will go to Disneyland, we'll have so much fun! We'll stay up till after 2 and we'll eat sugary stuff and we'll laugh so much you'll need to wear depends.