I Will, In Just a Minute

That's my new catch phrase. So I'll say it to you, too: I'll post something worth reading, in just a minute. You might have to wait a little longer for that than if you're one of the ones waiting for a "dwink," though.

I've been a little despondent the last few days. I have several posts saved as drafts but haven't been able to finish and am mostly just plodding through the days at the moment. Part of it is to do with hormones I'm sure, but part of it is to do with very sad or frustrating things that I don't quite know if I want or can write about. We'll see.

In the meantime, Calvin is having a meltdown about every two hours (after which he emerges from his room and says things like, "I'm ready to act like a human being now, Mom.").

Henry is either yelling or whining every. word. he. says. Except, of course, when he is "whelling" or "yining" or flat out bawling. It's driving me mad...how do I make it stop? We're also in a bit of a pressure cooker to potty train before preschool starts in a month. We're having success, but I'm not able to be as vigilant as I need to for consistency and all.

Charlie is my most blatantly social baby yet. He coos and "talks" with his whole body when I talk to him. There are actually times when he cries, but as soon as someone comes and talks to him where he can see their face, he's happy as anything. Doesn't need picked up or fed - just wants some face time. And he's soft and smells good most of the time. Which is more than I can say for any of the rest of us.

By night, David and I have managed to almost finish painting and putting together Charlie's closet bedroom. I will definitely post pictures if it turns out as cute as I think it will. Painting a room is actually quite therapeutic, I must say.

My parents and my two youngest brothers (I'm the oldest of seven) are coming to visit next week. The boys are super excited to play with Uncle Brock (age 10) and Uncle Evan (age 15). And I'm super excited for the diversion. And for a few other people who can serve up "dwinks" as they are demanded needed.

And maybe I can blog for a minute then.


the lizness said...

((hugs)) It will pass, right? yes, I think so.

Dawn said...

I can only imagine! You are doing great. I love the previous post. I haven't been by for far too long, but I love your writing and should come by more often.

Blessings! Hang in there.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Hang in there! Sometimes it is hard to know what to blog about and what not to blog about, especially when it is something that is constantly on your mind.

Michelle said...

Sounds like things are crazy right now. I am sure things will get easier.
Take care and hang in there

MotherT said...

Honey, I'm 47, with NO children at home and I still use this phrase with amazing regularity! This part of craziness will pass, you will get your sanity back, and they will grow out of their melt-downs. Just don't lose the phrase, because it comes in handy for all of your life!

Pam said...

I'm gearing up for the final go at potty training with Peanut. A house without diapers - what will that be like? Oh yeah, FABULOUS!!!!

You hang in there and take care of yourself. Sounds like you could use a "dwink" or two:)

Melanie said...

tips on the training: It's warm outside. Let the boy be naked in he back yard for a few days. It's amazing how it will just all of a sudden make sense when he can watch what his body is doing. use the hose to clean him up... No really, this works! I too am a mother of 3 boys. Oh and once the training is complete, expect 3 good weeks, then one week of total "oops" happenings. When you survive the week of oops, you are complete!
Been there, done that!

megachick said...

bug also craves face time. if i put her to bed before she's ready to sleep, she starts crying bloody murder. as soon as i walk in the room and she catches sight of me, she completely switches and starts chatting me up with a coy smile.

so frustrating, and yet cute.

Anonymous said...

When I was working at the nursing home this was too my favorite phrase. One lady said" you always say one moment but it takes you forever" Such is life I guess taking care of humans. God only gave us two hands! My daughter loves her (closet) bedroom just fine.