In Need of Reprieve

I'm snowed under in more ways than one - I'm working on some big projects for church and Cubs and still trying to get my grip on mothering four, dealing with cabin fever and actual headaches, and David was out of town over the weekend, which means lots of things go to pot and I play catch-up.

I fell twice within twenty minutes tonight and am pretty sure I was a cover for a very clever shoplifter between the falls. It keeps snowing and remains too cold and too ridiculous to take kids out, so I'm becoming a hermit of sorts.

Jane is scooting everywhere. Charlie is feeling his oats. Henry needs me every minute. Calvin wants interaction on a grand scale.

In more chipper news, we have a wonderful new neighbor family (well, they moved in right before Thanksgiving, so they're not like yesterday new, but they're pretty new...) that consists of three daughters and a baby son - all four children within six months of my children's ages. What's more is that they homeschool, so besides really enjoying the company of the mom of their family, I'm loving the chance to pick her brain about what it takes on a daily basis. It's great!

My sister just posted some of her reminisences about her first three months in Kiev which you might like to check out for some of the cultural/American perspective tidbits that you might find lacking lately on my blog. So nice to have someone else jotting stuff down for the blogosphere.

Some of you have asked about our next post after Kiev. We will be back in the good ol' US of A for at least a year while David works at Main State. It's a great thing. I'm feeling a little "trunky" right now. Mostly, I just need a breather. Hoping to get one in a month or so, and then it won't be long after and we'll be on our way to American home sweet home.



The Amazing Trips said...

One day this will all be a distant memory - and you'll wonder where the time went. In the meantime, I'm so glad that you have a new friend. She sounds like a wonderful addition to your Kiev life!

Jane is scooting.


What can we do to slow these kids down?? Can you put a brick in her diaper? :)

Lei said...

Brick in her diaper - rofl! That's a good one. *sigh* Mommyhood ain't for wimps. Eloquent, huh? Hang in there!!!!

Christine said...

That breather sounds so needed. One more month? Is that all?