Every Now and Then

I get a little bit crazy...

No, really. I'm not sure why I do it, but somehow, I have times when I decide that...

...Valentine's Day must be observed with a bit of a party with the neighbors (because last year was the saddest ever - Calvin put his little heart so into it and what did I do for anyone for Valentine's? Zip. Nada. Zilch. Ouch.)

...AND a date with my husband (Georgian food! The most delicious veal I've ever had. OK. I don't get veal often ever. But this was mouth-meltingly delicious.)

...the "New Beginnings" program for our church Young Women (of which I am president) must happen this same week

...the Go-See-It for Tiger Cubs (of which I am co- den mother) must also happen sooner rather than later, which is to say, during the same week (luckily someone else was arranging logistics, but still, I must participate, which means covering all other bases while I am participating)

...I cannot pass up the opportunity to enter the embassy Chili Cook-off (I won a prize!)

AND...I decide to do these things in the midst of the rest of my life, which includes, but is not limited to:

...figuring out why my baby sleeps through the night not at all or at the very least, worse than she did when she was a total infant

...trying to eat right and exercise more

...giving my three older children the face time and listening time and love time that they really need

...really hurting my tailbone in a fall (I know I already mentioned that in my last post, but it hurt and it was real and I'm still recovering)

...really only wanting to be somewhere quiet, uninterrupted, and read / sleep

When I do these things, I end up rather ostrich-like, head in sand, procrastinating in a catatonic state of "what was I thinking?" and all the while knowing that I had better get myself pulled together or all of it is going to be a disaster for which I will feel a lot of frustration.

And I ask myself every time, "Why?" And I never come up with a really good answer. Ah well.

But the good news is that in one of my head-in-sand moments, I decided to go over and vote at Power of Moms. They had a photo contest - all snapshots and photographs of moms doing what moms do. And we get to choose which ones win. There are some darling pics there, and some tear-jerkers, and some real-life, down-to-earth shots of mommy life, too. You should go vote! Now!

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Linda Stahr said...

All I have to say is... And I thought I was busy!!!

It always puts things into perspective to see what someone else is doing in the same week. Have a good one!