The Snuggle to Bad Dream Ratio

After Calvin and Henry had been in bed for almost an hour and Henry had made a final toilet escape, he came squintily into the front room. Before I could tell him with some exaspiration to get. back. in. bed. he said: "Mom, can I talk to you about something?"

Me: (gulping back the exaspiration in the interest of letting my kids know they can always talk to me about anything) Of course you can.

Henry: Do you know that when you don't snuggle with me before I go to sleep, I have bad dreams?

Me: (looking at him with the tiniest twitch of a smile) Really?

Henry: Yeah. And did you know that the more you don't snuggle with me, the worse the dreams are?

Me: I didn't know that. Have you been having bad dreams lately?

Henry: Yes.

Me: What are they about?

Henry: (His eyes grow wide at the same time that they get a little shifty at this point.) They are so bad I just can't even tell you about them.

Me: Oh. I am really sorry.

Henry: Yeah. So, I really need you to snuggle me.

Me: Huh.

I'm sorry to say that this conversation did not result in snuggling tonight because there is a six-month-old in the house, but I did try an extra good huggy tucking in that should ward off those bad dreams.

I just have to wonder where Henry learned his approach and the "Did you know...?" infomercial-like tactics. Together with his sweaty little curls and just the right amount of earnest behind the sly twinkle in his eyes, he's pretty convincing.

I do need to snuggle him more.


Christine said...

My second son really loves snuggles too. Much more than the rest of them. Probably because he doesn't get them as much as he should. What a clever little boy you have. I hope he'll muddle through and I hope the bad dreams aren't as bad as they sound.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Who doesn't like to be snuggled? I thought about trying this conversation on my wife, but she read your post before I did. Nuts!

Code Yellow Mom said...

I misspelled exasperation. I need to stop posting at middle of the night o'clock. And do something about waking up from a dead sleep witht he thought that I misspelled something on my blog. Yikes. I'm almost as scarey as Henry's bad dreams. :)

Nobody said...

Oh he's BRILLIANT. The description of wide eyes being a little shifty, oh boy do I know that look!

I am constantly having a battle between much needed down-time and sweet little babies who won't want/need snuggling much longer.

In fact, just two nights ago I promised Ben I'd snuggle him the next night. He asked, "And what if you don't?" so many times that I finally said, "THEN I'LL GIVE YOU A MILLION DOLLARS!?" Guess who took too long on her errand and now owes her six year old a million dollars. He is being a good sport and settling on a ticket to the circus and $10 for cotton candy. :)