The Month of the Honeydew

My blog is verging on the pathetic - I'm only posting about being pregnant and reading, it seems like. Blame it on the keyboard (which will be replaced tonight!!!) I do think it's funny that weeks 33 through 36 are the month of the honeydew. Funny because my life is the life of the honeydew - David is never short on things I want or need him to do (replace the laptop keyboard). But I'm sure he will agree that I'm getting a lot more feisty, if not noticeably more demanding.

Also funny because honeydew doesn't seem quite big enough for the way I feel. I actually am not putting on weight as quickly (knock on wood) in these later weeks, but I feel a lot of growing and stretching. This month our baby is 17.2 to 18.7 inches tall and weighs 4.2 to 5.8 pounds.

She is a wiggly little thing, very active at all times of the day. It seems like before I only felt the boys move in the early morning or at night, when I was still. This little melon kicks and rolls all the time and causes some very disconcerting sensations sometimes while I'm walking or driving.

Calvin is most interested in what we'll name her but doesn't talk about her a whole lot lately.

Henry seems to be playing with the idea of its being a real person "in there" - he makes up elaborate tales of how she is running around and how she just really wants to get out. He has also said things to me like, "Mom. Mom. Mom! I need you and Jane to listen to me. OK?!"

I've been feeling a little "enough already" apathy lately, but in general we are enjoying the anticipation and gathering baby things. One of my friends at church gave us homemade snuggly soft blankets for the baby last week and I can't wait to snuggle her up in them.

On the belly-aching front, I haveto report that the heartburn that I feel like I could die from has begun.

And my heels hurt. Wierd ailment, very painful to get around. I think it's from the weather changing, wearing socks less, and lots of walking and standing on hardwood floors. They are really really achey. I've never experienced it before and I'm strongly considering the merits of a foot massage / pedicure. Anyone know some good home remedies?

Amidst all the little nothings and the honey-do's, we're getting ready for London. I only have one more dr. appointment here in Kiev, one more Sunday, three more days of school for Cal, seven more sleeps.

We can hardly wait and in some ways going to London has eclipsed the impending arrival of a newby. I do like having multiple things to look forward to. It makes time go a little more quickly. But I keep getting sidetracked, too. Ah well.

Summer fun is on its way in more ways than one.


Linda Stahr said...

Remedy #1 for aching feet... SIT DOWN!!!!! If that doesn't work, SIT DOWN! If that still doesn't work, try soaking them in warm water and epsom salts. I realize that the salts may not be easy to come by in Ukraine, but they should be in London...

As for the little honeydew... Who Knew? A Honeydew?! I get cranky and demanding when I'm pregnant too - which is probably one of the main reasons I work nights - so Andrew can't hear my night time complaining. That and I don't sleep at night when I'm pregnant (when I'm not too, so I guess it doesn't really matter), except to sleep on the couch - I'm always glad to be done with being pregnant.

I have a box of some really cute things to send you - are you guys decorating in any particular color or do you have a "theme" for the "nursery?" Hope the trip to London goes well!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

At least you are reading a good variation of books. Lay on the couch with your feet propped p and read another.