E scuses

I don't have a proper space bar. Or an "e" key.

There's a story to go with that. But as you can imagine, it is difficult to blog without "space" and "e."

Extremely aggravating, in fact.

I mean, I can make spaces and e's appear, but not without some whackity maneuvering over the little sensors that lie below where the key buttons usually go. It slows me way down.

I'll try to get some patience and adjust my typing skills to fit my impaired laptop sometime before the new keyboard arrives from amazon, but if that doesn't happen, at least you know that it's my computer that is kapoot, not me.

At least not me entirely.


Superstahr Mom said...

I just want to know...how did you lose the space and the "e" keys? Although with my vivid imagination, I'm sure I can figure it out... Let me just try this theory on though: You were using them too much and they went on strike. Either that, or they weren't getting enough attention, and they decided to protest. If THAT'S not the case, I'll just have to go with the little boy theory. Hope you get the keyboard soon... for your sanity's sake!

Jenny P. said...

Would you like to hear a story?



When Josh and I were in school at BYU, he took MCOMM 320 from Professor Stoddard. Stoddard had a reputation for being super strict and really difficult. My husband totally loved him which I thought was kind of weird, but that doesn't really have anything to do with the story. So we're typing up his final paper for his final exam, on the FINAL day that it is due. Like an hour before it has to be turned in... we're still working on it. Yes, we. I totally helped him write all his papers. Is that bad, or good? I don't know. Anyway... we literally have an hour left, that's it, to get it finished, printed, and delivered to Stoddard's office.

Then I spill a glass of water on the keyboard. Go me. Half the keys stop working. We had to construct his entire bibliography copying and pasting the individual letters that we needed to make words. It was awful. He wanted to kill me. I wanted to kill him for not finishing his stupid paper on his own...

But then we finished. And he got an A. And we still love each other.

The end.

I feel your pain and will miss your blogging presence until you return. :)

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

It sounds as if your keyboard has gone a little "space" "E". (say it fast)

Gabriela said...

I can see how missing your space key and your e would be verrrrrry annoying. Hope amazon delivers soon (have I mentioned how jealous I am of State Department people who can order stuff? Green with envy I tell you)

Nobody said...

ooooh, I love MommyJ's story. Copying and pasting letters! That's insane.

But I came on here to say, totally worth the last night. You make me laugh.

Nobody said...

Oh.my. gosh.
Last LINE, LAST LINE, not night.

Here, have some of what I'm smoking....

p.s. please check your machine. Lame-butt Ukraine Dweller.