Charlie is TWO!!!

Still without a functioning keyboard...but it's my baby's birthday.

We partied like it was for a two-year-old. That is, he opened a little gift from each of his brothers and one from Mom and Dad first thing this morning, he carried the birthday card from his grandma around for about an hour during the afternoon(loved the kitty on the front), and we had cake after dinner.

The candles worried him because they are "hot"(he whispers that word) and they will "buhn."

Our rendition of "Happy Birthday" worried him even more.

Since typing is a chore, I just want to say that as fast as his first year went, I can't believe two have already passed now.

If there was ever a child who was Pure Joy, it's this one. I don't just say stuff like that, either.

I love you, ChaCha. May all your little wishes come true.


Katrina said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe he's two already! He just keeps getting cuter and cuter...

Gabriela said...

Happy Birthday Charile!

Cute, cute post. :) Love that he whispers that candles are hot and will "buhn".

Real said...

When I first "met" you on your blog, you were pregnant with him! I can't believe I've been following you long enough that he's celebrating his second birthday!

The Amazing Trips said...

How is it possible?? I guess this means my baby will be two in a few weeks, too. BOO!

Happy Birthday Charlie! You are just as adorable now as the day you were born!!

Nobody said...

"Our rendition" made me laugh right out loud. You funny girl.

How is it possible that every single one of those pictures made me want to squish the screen. He is SO adorable!

Happy Birthday Charlie. I hope to meet you before you're 3.

megachick said...

happy birthday, charlie!
he's such a handsome guy.

Janelle said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!

You have some cute boys!

Unknown said...

How can that be? I "knew him" when he was born!

Of course my "baby" just turned five and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, so it happens, I guess.