Looking for Spring

Calvin is obsessed about the coming first day of spring. I've been careful to explain that the official first day of spring has to do with the sun and the position of the earth, that it does signal that warmer weather and all things fresh and green are on their way, BUT they still might take a really long time getting here.

You know, it's not a magic, blooming, bunny-hopping, suddenly sunshine day. And we do live in Ukraine. I've told him this so many times that he has started saying, "I know, I know Mom."

My raincloud realism doesn't stop his intrepid enthusiasm. It didn't stop him from waking crazy early one morning a couple weeks ago to wake his brother up and look out the window for birds and the sun.

And it didn't stop him from coming into our room about 45 minutes before anyone needed to be awake this morning and whispering loudly, "Dad! Dad? How many days until the first day of spring now?" David was a bit of a raincloud, too, in his answer - something about not knowing when the first day of spring was, but knowing it wasn't time to be awake yet.

But still, Calvin is anxious for the day. And maybe we need to embrace it.

I've been thinking about having Happy Spring Day this week, planting some wheat grass with the boys, maybe even having the usual Easter-related hooplah (dying of eggs, a bunny visit, etc.) on the first day of spring instead.

I think it might give us a new little tradition, it will provide a bit of celebration to fill the long gap between the winter holidays and spring/summer fun, it will mark the day with the excitement that Calvin feels about it, and it will leave Easter open for a more meaningful celebration of the blessing of Resurrection.

Neither David or I have many traditions surrounding spring or Easter (other than a nice Sunday meal with extended family), but I've been feeling more and more that even small rituals and traditions help children with marking the passage of time, they feed a child's natural sense of wonder and enjoyment, and it makes us closer as a family. So I've been looking for some ideas for this time of year.

What do you do with your children to celebrate spring? I'd love to know.

And then I've got to get...er...hopping! The first day of spring is only two days away!!!


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I think your Happy Spring Day celebration sounds like a great idea. I wish I had thought of that when my kids were young (20+ years ago). I never did figure out the connection of eggs & rabbits with Easter.

Anonymous said...

You know the gap between Winter holidays and Spring/Summer isn't so big or long when you are in love with MLK and presidents. Two nice juicy distractions right there!

Bo is also obsessed with Spring. I'd think a little boy living in Ukraine would have more of a reason, but I'm thinking Iowa is a fair competitor most days.

1 more day--actually, you're almost there! We've got one more day. :)

I think the Happy Spring Day celebration is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

It's been absolutely gorgeous at home!!! The lilac bush by my shop door that my dad planted some nineteen years ago is leafing and budding, and so is the crazy apricot tree by the garage. All amazing signs of spring! But... the most significant sign of spring in Western Colorado will come next week when the boys start spring break....ten straight days of SNOW and MUD!!!

Gabriela said...

Wow-I haven't been here for a while-you are pregnant? And it's a girl??????

That is so cool. I am so happy for you! Yay!

Spring? nope it's just about fall here. I'm so messed up-I never know what part of the year I'm in anymore. It feels like non-stop summer to me.

Pistolmom said...

Wow! How is it living there? Amazing.