Laughing It Up

On the flight back from Egypt (actually from Amman, but from vacation), which was on Royal Jordanian Air (and can I just say they know how to fly right?), I decided to decompress and watch a comedy on their inflight entertainment system. For whatever reason, "Four Holidays" appealed to me and I started it.

I laughed out loud. A lot. My husband looked at me. People in the rows in front and behind me looked at me. And still I laughed and chortled. I don't think that the movie was that funny really (although there were some lines or situations that still make me chuckle), and maybe it was just because all the kids were sleeping, and I really needed to unwind, but man. It felt so good to just get the funnies like that. My husband said it was so great to hear me laugh that way, he hadn't heard it for a while.

Sigh. I know I need to laugh more.

After all, hearing other people laugh makes my day.

There are some people who are kinda somber, like me, I guess, but when I can make them laugh, I feel awesome. My grandpa was one: Once he told me that I was getting prettier every day and I answered without a pause, "I know - I can't wait until tomorrow!" The way he laughed at that still makes me smile.

There are people who are just quiet people and when they find something so funny that they lose themselves in mirth, it's truly wonderful. My dad is one of those: One of my favorite little girl memories is of watching him watch an episode of M*A*S*H - something cracked him up so much that he had tears streaming down his face. I remember how I just felt happy, looking at him laugh like that.

And there are people who aren't necessarily somber or quiet, but who are so funny themselves (and yet discerning - they don't laugh about just anything!), that it thrills me when something I say or do tickles them. Nobody.

And there's nothing like it when my babies get the giggles.

It's good for the soul to laugh. I know it is, just from how I felt chortling among strangers on an airplane, watching a silly movie. I should do it more - for myself. I let things weigh me down so much that I fail to appreciate the little nice things in life, or just giggle every now and then. I've got to lighten up.

But I also need to laugh more for my husband and my kids. Just thinking about how it makes me feel when I hear other people laughing, I know the people closest to me need to hear me laugh more often.

I've got a decent sense of humor. I think I need to develop another sense - the sense to let myself appreciate the funny. And to show it.

What's a time you felt happy hearing or making someone you love laugh? Have you let yourself get visibly tickled over something lately?


Jenny P. said...

Oh, how I love laughing. I do it a lot... especially when in the company of my mother and sister, and sisters-in-law. We're a crazy group, and one that I thoroughly enjoy... I also just posted today about how my Henry laughs every time he sees his older siblings laugh... even though he has no clue what they are all laughing at. It is so innocently adorable that it makes me laugh every single time. I think it's most excellent for the soul... and it burns calories right?

Jenny P. said...

Oh, and I laugh at Nobody all the time. I've never even met her in person, and I still consider her one of the funniest people I know.

Anne said...

I recommend some Dave Barry or even theonion.com to get the funnies going. I love hearing Aaron laugh at something Dave Barry wrote! it is a different kind of laughter. Traci, all your entries seem to be extracted right out of my sub-conscious, but written better of course. i totally agree that i too am like this - i don't just let myself laugh enough (or cry for that matter). i think we humans would all be better off wearing our emotions on our sleeves! it would be much healthier.

Z. Marie said...

Disney World last September. Kevin and I were talking, and Laura wanted to know what about. He said, "Something," and she responded, "But I want to know what that something is!"
I laughed until I cried. Silly and insignificant, I know, but it still makes me laugh all these months later.

NOBODY said...

MommyJ laughs AT me. Big difference.

You are one of the funniest people I know. In a completely different way than every other funny person I know. You know what I come from, we are very flashy with our humor.

I think your comment to your Grandfather is ABSOLUTELY the best example of your kind of humor. And it is hilarious.

I love this post. And I love that picture of you and Charlie. It is awesome.

I giggle and chortle almost hourly at my kids. I know I have days when it's not like that. But right now, Danyo's sitting in a laundry basket completely RIVETED to Emeril. And it makes me laugh. Last night Bo had a full-on melt down about a 10 dollar scooter he's owned for 3 years and NEVER rides, getting stolen. I didn't laugh in front of him, but later, J and I had a hearty ol' laugh about it.

I also live in Iowa. 'Nuff said.

My favorite thing is making my mom lose it. When it happens, you can't stop laughing too, and you can't stop watching---you aren't entirely sure she will survive the laughing fit. Plus, she usually ends it with, "You are such a liar" because she never believes the stories I tell. It's sort of a badge of honor to hear that.

Jonathan giggles like a girl when he laughs really hard.

My favorite laugher though, was Victor. I seriously wish I had that on video. That was entertaining.

Did I mention I love this post?