OK, OK, Okaaay!

Seriously. The laundry is multiplying. I can't get out from under it. Where does it come from? Why does everyone in the house keep wearing clothes?

I finally did the dreaded grocery shopping today. Never, never, never again on a late Saturday afternoon in Kiev, even if it does mean a baby with no milk to go to bed with and waiting until Monday for the things I need to accompany my meat.

I've got to remember that coming home from vacation is twice as much work and three times as time consuming as getting ready to go.

It's still worth it, though. Because seriously, this was our view from the hotel we stayed at in Cairo:

And that's just the tip of the pyramid, so to speak.

I have a church lesson (in Russian) to prepare for Tuesday night that I'm rather stressed out about and a house to put in order, but I'm dying to blog. Hang with me a day or two and I'll have more time to recap and elaborate. Mkay?


Lana said...

wow! I've never known anyone who has vacationed in Cairo! What an awesome view. Seriously, that is cool!

Christine said...

I don't know if you'll ever be able to move home. All your window views since you left have been so exotic and exciting. You'd have to live right outside Mt. Rushmore or something like that to even get close to what you have now.

Julia said...

My life is so boring compared to yours.