My New Baby

It's always a little overwhelming when something you've dreamed about and imagined for a long time becomes a reality. A whole world opens up and all kinds of possibilities are suddenly there for the taking, if you can just figure out how you are supposed to care for and play with it properly. You also feel a bit inferior to the sweetness of it, and you spend a lot of time handling it really gently because, who knows - it might break in your inexperienced hands.

Meet my new Christmas / Valentine's / Mother's Day / General "I Love You" Arrival.

A truly beautiful thing. And it requires no midnight feedings.


Janelle said...

Oohh! Congrats!

NOBODY said...

Oh he's beautiful. I'm assuming it's a he, you're sooo good at making he's, and this one is a beaut!

This post is very funny to me.

Will you call him Nikki for short?

Liz said...

Congratulations! Momma's waited a long time for you, sweetie. Don't break at the beach, 'mkay?

Helen said...

I look forward to all the pics from Kiev, and Donetsk, and Gorlovka , and Egypt :)
My camera-baby is teenager already (i am not sure how to convert our years to camera years .. i suspect they age much faster than dogs for example (for dog years we multiply ours with i think 7)). anyway ... don't be too afraid about it braking, try out all buttons and modes and experiment ... that's the fun about these babies :)

PS. like teh new look fo your blog ... i read it in Reader so hadn't noticed earlier.

Anne said...

Yeah! we welcomed that baby into our home almost a year ago now, and life hasn't been the same since. congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I guess that I now have a new nephew and a new GRAND daughter (Emily Mae B.). Did I get enough .'s in there? Comas, quotes, brackets... where's my pills? I get so nervous just being in your blog-presence! You rite so good!!
I guess that my timing is a little bad as usual though... I must have caught you in a bad case of third trimester onset blogstipation. I hope that you are doing better now! You need to look forward to your upcoming trip and get over your relocation "blues". I know that all of us out here want you to stay prolific and regular.
I am so envious of you and your travels! Maybe I should... does anyone out there know how old you have to be to join the Old Navy?
I can't even get to Colona with cash and a cosigner!
Byetheway (do you know him?) How come you are the only one who doesn't comment back in your own comments so's at we know if you read our dribble (in my case)?
(Steve's new beautiful-long dark-haired baby)
27 degrees/starting to snow- gotta go put my golf clubs up, and sweep mom's drive!

Christine said...

We are truly living parallel lives. I have the SAME camera and it was an early birthday/Christmas present last year. I love it so much and I'm sure I don't do nearly enough with it as I should. You'll have to let me know what fun things you find out about it.