Now This I Am Going to Miss Someday

I'm nothing if I am not carnivorous.

And this, my friends is a deep freeze full of meat. Roast, stew meat, pork chops, deli ham and turkey, salmon, bacon.

We placed a bulk order for meat and household supplies through the commissary and it arrived yesterday. A truly beautiful thing.

The order list is a little unclear on quantity or size, and if you order one of something, you have to order a whole box, so we are pretty much set up for well, possibly, the rest of our two years here.

The meat just made me happy. Seriously, I almost teared up over it. Simply because it is all USDA approved, reasonably cut (the art of butchery is completely nonexistent here - something I used to take for granted), and clearly marked. Meat.

Meat that I don't have to shop (pantomime) for.

Meat that will always be there, fresh and recognizable, so I actually can plan a weekly menu and not have to "plan B" it on the fly or check at other stores while grocery shopping with at least two grouchy children.

Our deep freeze has been naked empty since we moved here and has mostly played host to the myriad ice-making adventures of small boys that take place on the sly around here. It made me feel desolate and hungry just looking in it, even when there is food in the house. Now it is full, full, full.

We also got lots of real diapers and wipes, canned goods, and my favorite laundry detergent. Happy sigh.

I can also totally understand now how getting my home storage act together would make me feel like the queen of the world, efficient and worry-free, always ready and able to feed the fam, without having to rely on availability or usability from anyone else. I'm going to make a plan to get there. Because it really does feel wonderful to have something long-term stored.

Now, for a grill. And a place to operate it. Hmmmmm.


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I don't understand how vegans do it. Could you set up a small hibachi on the balcony? We had a good supply of meat (but nothing like yours) when I noticed the freezer was unplugged. Everything had thawed, but was still cold. We stayed up late cooking all of our meat and cleaning out the freezer.We only lost a few items.

Linda said...

I am so incredibly jealous at your organizational skills! Our freezer, while full of pig and (soon) cow and other delicious cuts of carnivorious foods, looks NOTHING like that. Congratulations! It looks divine!

Anonymous said...

Dude. You are a carnivore! Just kidding.
That freezer is awesome. I'm jealous of the freezer. And it looks so neat and orderly. Just as I'd expect a freezer of yours to look. :)

Aimee said...

That's just not fair! A freezer full of pork. I could just cry.

Now I will pray you don't have the same power failures we do.

Janelle said...

Yeah! I love a freezer full of meat myself!

Shannon said...

Oh man, you're so lucky to have a real comissary. Our friends the Meyerses said the things they bought there (at the com in Ukraine) were actually below market price! That's a nice perk.