While I Was Sleeping

I took advantage of David's day off on MLK Day (even in Ukraine we get the U.S. government holidays!) and had a nice long afternoon nap. (Yes, I realize that this happened two weeks ago and I'm only now posting about it. Just hush.)

My husband being the great dad that he is, played pretty much the whole afternoon with the boys. This is what they did:

They also engaged in some controlled demolition. This is where you have to tip your head sideways or put your laptop on end, because I can't figure out how to rotate my videos - I've done it before, but now can't find the right application. The clips are short, though, so you shouldn't get too much of a crink in your neck:

Just for comparison, this is what they do when I play with them all afternoon when I take a nap and David is not home when I am in charge:


Anonymous said...

Nice Kapla block towers. I'm impressed. How in the world did they make those without Charlie knocking them down? We bought some of those for Christmas 2007 for Sophie, and on Christmas Eve when we were supposed to be wrapping presents, Bob and I were playing with the Kapla blocks half the night instead.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

It looks like a giant game of Jenga. How did they get them so high?

Lv2Hike said...

Great post! Kids are always so much fun. Btw, LOVE the view from your kitchen window.

by Deterlou said...

(In case you don't read the comment I did on the trip to the orphanage first... I am Detra, one of your mom's friends)
That is great that your husband does something so constructive while you rest. My hubby let them do demoliton to the house if I tried to rest! And the green marker...oh that was just par for the course!
What is it about kids and markers, makeup, paint and their faces! LOL My daughter, Jennica, just posted a blog with my little grand daughter. Take a gander... :)


Thanks for sharing such cute things on your posts :)

The Amazing Trips said...

I'm really impressed that it didn't get knocked down. I don't think that tour would have lasted for two minutes in our house...

For the second time in a month, our children hacked in to our Sharpie supply (6 ft off the ground), just today. In that three minute span of time I was making a bed, one of my trio colored their ENTIRE face in Sharpie.

I received your e-mail a few weeks ago re: the orphanage, but I wasn't sure if you received my response back?

The Amazing Trips said...

TOWER. Not tour.

Must. Go. To. Sleep.

NOBODY said...

Every time I see Charlie's face, I think my heart melts a little more completely.

Those towers are awesome. We need some blocks like that. All we have are stupid legos that hurt like a mother when I stop on them. And then I swear and then I have to tell my kids later that day not to say that word, only mom's in pain can say it, and then the dumb lego gets thrown away, and then the kids find them in the trash, and pull them out, even though they are covered in macaroni and cheese, and then it starts all over again.

I love how both the boys showcase their towers with their hands. So cute.