I was carrying Charlie down the stairs yesterday after his nap when I stepped squarely on a small, invisible, but very metal toy that was strategically positioned in the middle of one of the steps.

I fell and slid down a couple steps, managing to keep Charlie upright and unharmed, then sat there and cried - hard - because my foot hurt so bad.

Yelling at the kids to get all their stinking toys picked up now didn't help me feel better at all. (Maybe if there would have been more toys out or if the children weren't all outside at the time...)

Today I have a deep purple bruise in the middle of my instep and it feels like I'm walking around on a very hurtful ping pong ball. Perhaps I will govern the chaos mostly from the couch today.


someone else said...

Awww, you poor thing! I hope your foot feels better soon.

I really like your nice new look.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my... It's so scary to fall when you are carrying a kid:( 2 years ago in winter I was carrying my daughter (took her from a kindergarted), there was ice all over the road and I started to fall with her on me hands... the knees were totally ruined, I was unable to walk at all for a couple of days - they were all blue and of a strange shape:(

small metal toys are also in place - all around the room, but after a couple of injures, I've started wearing slippers:)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I think its the curse of a mom to step on at least one sharpy pointy object every few years, sometimes with a kid in the arms, or sometimes, like I was, VERY pregnant!!

I hope you managed to supervise from the couch well today...it might be an "each kid color a lifesized picture for daddy" day! :)

well, ok, not Charlie, but Calvin and Henry can outline their general body shape, then spend at least 15 minutes coloring body parts, funky clothes etc. Hey, its not fancy, but it worked with my pre-schoolers when I was desperate for 10 minutes of peace :)

Valerie said...

Ouch!! I have stepped on many a toy, but never a metal one. We just moved to a place with stairs and I am always looking before I go up or down, because my two year old loves balls and I can just see myself "rolling" down the steps with my newborn in arm.

I hope you foot is feeling better by days end. Take it easy.

MotherT said...

It doesn't have to be metal to make your foot turn funky colors and be very sore!!! My girls discovered that Barbie shoes could make me scream in absolute agony!!! (They LOST them for a period of time every time it happened!)

Hope the foot gets to feeling better soon. I like the idea of the lifesize pics for daddy! Very creative!

Super Happy Girl said...

Oh no, you did fall
:( Yikes.

NOBODY said...

Ahhh, sorry about the fall. And the bruise. That sounds awful.

Not to one up or anything, but mine had an audience. And my bruise on my hindquarters made my son say, "I thought your butt was big, but that bruise is REALLY big." The best part was, he was trying for it to be a compliment. Like, I'm so brave to have such a big bruise. Now everytime I go outside, I have to wave at the nice neighbor man I didn't know before I fell, because he helped my sorry butt up.