What Larks

I've been talking up the Nikon D60 that I've been reading about on several of my photo blog favorites...you know, telling my husband in a terribly enchanting whine, "But everyone else has one..." The thing can do some pretty amazing stuff, and my little pocket wonder, while being a great camera, has never been quite the same since the beach two years ago. I'd love something that could take pictures in which the reflection of people standing behind the photographer are clearly visible in miniature, in the eyes of the subject. I just think things like that are awesome.

But seeing as how I'm not even a semi-professional photographer nor do I have $600 in pocket change to justify or excuse such a purchase, I know the D60 dream will always be just a dream. Especially after snapshots like these, today at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens...I'll never be able to convince anyone that I need a camera that does more. My refurbed Finepix does a fine job, huh?

The Aquatic Gardens are wonderful, by the way, should you ever want to venture into Southeast DC. A quiet marshy peaceful park run by the National Park Service that you wouldn't even know was there...

People say I'm crazy to go into the city like that with four preschoolers, but I seriously have days when I would go crazy if I did not. Today was one of those days. I couldn't take another moment in the house and the boys were beyond cabin fever, so we hopped in the car and off we went.

They loved it. I am always amazed at the natural curiosity and wonder at nature that they have. The giant leaves that are big enough to be bowls and actually hold dew in them...

...and the flowers that grow on long, long stems and have such big, heavy blooms, and insides that look like shower heads.

Or maybe they're not shower heads, but microphones? The boys amused a very serious photographer when they reached for one and started saying, "Hello? Can you hear me?" into one of them.

When a top of one of the flowers broke off (it was truly an accident), we watched the milk pump and bubble out the top of the broken stem - is this fascinating or what?

When we got to the boardwalk and headed out into the marsh, the boys started tiptoeing (of their own accord!) and talking in hushed whispers, looking for turtles and frogs. We didn't see any amphibians today, but a large crane stood for a minute in the park about thirty yards away from us before swooping its huge wings and stretching its lanky neck into flight. It was awesome.

Overall, a lovely outing, complete with a pleasant baby in the best stroller ever and a nice climbing/posing tree on the way out:

Nothing like a little midsummer day's adventure.

P.S. Do you know what book the phrase "What larks!" comes from (on your honor, don't cheat with google!) and which character says it?


Super Happy Girl said...

Are you kidding me?
WOW! Great shots and beautiful place.

Anne said...

"What larks!" My guess is Pride and Prejudice. Character? I want to say Lydia, since it seems like a Lydia thing to say. Not sure, but that is my Final Answer.

Also, your pictures are great, and the park looks awesome! I can't believe we never made it there when we lived there - next time though...

We just bought the Nikon D60 in a kit from Costco last April. It is Awsome. seriously, there is no comparison to a point and shoot (no offense). since we didn't have any camera at the time, the expense was a little more justified, plus we had a tax refund to work with, but still. aside from the price, which is steadily dropping, i have no regrets! i will try to post more pics to our blog show you can show them to David :). i think we have taken more than 4000 pictures since we got it. the best part is the fast response time and the in-camera editing!

Helen said...

wonderful pics. I always knew you had a art sense/taste/talent.
yes, point and shoot is good and I sticked to mine as long as I could, thinking I am not smart enough yet to get a real camera :) few months ago i did the investment (Canon though) and I love it. I am still in the process of reading the manual :) and I do think that if you want to stick to auto mode only, there is no sense of investing that much money (knew point and shoot cameras are great as well). but I picked up one older model with an additional lens at a good price and I enjoy learning how changing aperture and/or other parameters I can be more creative.
i don't post so much on my english blog ... but have some more pics at my Estonian one: http://saarhe.blogspot.com/
and i think u have the talent in you! (cause of what pics of me you all took :) ... )

someone else said...

Beautiful pictures!! What a great way to spend a day, and with such adorable little boys, too.

the lizness said...

I'm thinking Little Women and Jo says it

now I'm going to google and see if I'm right

the lizness said...

I was wrong :) but now I know the right answer! :)

NOBODY said...

I was sure it was Jane Austen. I was wrong.

Those pictures ARE beautiful and the video is awesome. How cool the boys got to see that. I loved seeing the hand reaching, wanting ever so badly to touch it and still being patient while you recorded it.

More about the best stroller ever please...