I'm Waiting...

Tomorrow, Henry turns four years old. I've been holding on to that milestone because the last time I had a four-year-old, it was pure magic, the way he turned from a three-year-old who might not make it to his fourth birthday to a little guy who turned me to absolute mush. That's what I'm hoping for, because this year has been r.o.u.g.h with Henry. I think it's the combination of being smack dab in the middle of two brothers and also just being three. Don't ever let anyone tell you about terrible twos. I'll take the twos over the threes any time. Just so you know.

And on the other hand, I can't believe he's four. My little rosey-cheeked with sweaty curls Henry is four years old. My little fat snuggler has turned little boy. His imagination is still going full throttle and he still makes a great Duckie voice and sleeps with Fringies. But he concentrates really hard so as not to say "f" instead of "th" anymore, and he likes to be allowed to play in the front yard / neighborhood like a big boy. ("I won't wun away, Mom. I pwomise!") I know it won't be long before sitting as close to me on the couch as he possibly can will not be his main goal in life anymore.


In the meantime, he has been wanting a house for the "loving family" he got for Christmas. It costs $59, the deliuxe version being about twice that the last time I checked. I can't really justify that, since it is aggressively pink and is not really made for rough and tumble boys who may or may not play with it appropriately. Plus, it takes up space and has lots of parts. I hate parts.

So, I made a substitute for his birthday out of foam board, scrapbook paper, and masking tape. Don't look too closely at the craftsmanship, but I think it's going to be a hit. It's a four-room place - I decorated two of the rooms and left two for Henry to fix up the way he wants. (It also stores flat when not in use.)

I can't wait to see what he thinks and to watch how he plays with it. It's pretty funny to hear how his family talks to one another and what they do in a day. Sometimes superhero action figures and dinosaurs join them. I think this could be really fun.

And except for my little boys growing up and a couple little surprises to look forward to, everything else seems to be at a standstill...Our move around the world date remains indefinite due to things out of our control, so it's hard to make plans (I dearly love to make plans)...So I'm waiting.

As summer rolls on...


Real said...

My JJ used to say "th" for Fs, too. "Thwog and toad". Anyway, your house looks great! I'm sure Henry will love it. What a talent!

Christine said...

Hello, I'm a friend of Aimee Eliason's out in Turkey. I checked out your blog and am interested to pick your brain. I also have three boys (4,3,1)and living overseas. When are you going wherever it is you're going and why? Hope we can be friends.

Unknown said...

I agree wholeheartedly about the twos over the threes. I think it depends on the kid, but with both of mine the 3's were so much more trying.

Kyle turned 4 in May and I'm amazed at how grown up he's become (and since 3 1/2 a bit less trying as well).

someone else said...

It's been fun watching your little ones grow through your blog. Happy belated birthday to Henry!

I really like your clever little play house.

3 for school said...

I agree with the 3's deal. That was harder for me too. Although the independence streak at 11 is a bit trying too!

Super Happy Girl said...

Oh no, not "th" :(
You are so crafty :)

I loved this post.

NOBODY said...

Love that little house, you are amazing!

I wouldn't hold your breath for Hemmy to outgrow wanting to sit as close as possible. Bo still tries to squeeze in between my ribs, even when I think he'll think it's not cool. That snuggling impulse can't be denied.

How's 4 shaping up to be?