Friday High Five

(Oops...forgot to post this actually on Friday, but here we go anyway...)

I'm giving a big high five to the following fabulous posts which I enjoyed this week. If you'd like to supplement your weekend reading, go check these out, and give them your own high five!

1. Angela - her thought provoking post on the motherly culture of judgment was funny, on the money, and brought up some things I hadn't actually considered before. Especially if you haven't visited her dancing blog, this post is a good beginning point. Plus, she has kids who are at least as cute as mine.

2. Actual Unretouched Photo - I bumped into this post from another blog and just loved the intelligent wit and accuracy, to say nothing of the very sad but valid point she made about life on our planet.

3. Hot Fruita Moms - the comments on this one are as hilarious as the post itself, so read up. A very amusing off-the-cuff commentary on a common sayin' in our pop culture.

4. Morning Glory - this is actually a starting point for knowing about this wonderful service project that has reached many in our little corner of the blogosphere. I was just touched by the love given by strangers, and this post encapsulates some of my own feelings about reaching out and giving from the heart. Plus, look how adorable the results are!

5. Birthsongs - this post is actually from the week leading up to Valentine's Day, but I've thought of it frequently since reading it. It's just one aspect of family that I've never really articulated, and so many of the items on her list rang true to me in a way that I couldn't read it aloud to my husband without welling up. A great post for parents who sometimes wonder if their kids are making or breaking their relationship.

Happy Weekend!


An Ordinary Mom said...

Thanks for the links. I really enjoyed reading Birthsongs reasons for having kids!

Angela said...

Wow, did you make this up? So cool. Great links too. If I don't say so myself. The comments, AND the post on "I'm just sayin" was hilarious. They were all good. Especially mine! Heh.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing these posts. I haven't read them all yet, but I will. I love finding blogs that are new to me. Thanks!

someone else said...

You're very clever and your Friday High Five is a nice idea. Thanks for the link love.

Super Happy Girl said...

I know I commented on this post.
Anyway, congrats and your new feature.

The "Incovenient Truth" post by AUP was awesome.

Melodee said...

Oh, I just found this link to me. Thank you!