Warning: A small conversation that may be too much info follows. But it must be recorded, for hilarity's sake.

Calvin: That toenail has a problem.
D: Yeah.
Calvin: It's yellow.
D: It sure is.
Calvin: You could also call it blonde.

OK, besides laughing heartily at this little word interchange, a couple things came to mind:

1. Blondes must really have more fun(gus). But I'm thinking that a brunette toenail would probably be something really bad.

2. I think I will start substituting "blonde" for "yellow" in everything. Blonde Cake Mix...Code Blonde Mom...


the lizness said...

another way I know that we are destined to be friends - as soon as I read "You could also call it blonde" I thought CODE BLONDE MOM!!!

or else that means I think like a 4 year old.

Gabriela said...

I love the things kids say! That is so cute. :)

Carina said...

Reminds me of some info. that you don't want to know.
My parents both caught some kind of foot fungus while missionaries in Mexico. I grew up thinking that's what all adult toenails looked like. I just figured mine would look like that as I grew. It was only when I looked at my feet as an adult and really thought about it that I realized how dumb that was.

Super Happy Girl said...

This is the type of conversation that must be recorded, yes, hilarious.
Problem-yellow-blonde. HA!

Real said...

I love reading about your Calvin. Mine is 4, too. He utterly charms me.

Sketchy said...

I *LOVE* the kid-conversations-to-tell-you-something-they-have-discovered-so-seriously-so-as-to-educate-you. Especially when it is an adorably-incorrect-but-you-can-see-where-they-got-it kind of way. The best!

Code Blonde Mom :D Doesn't really conjure up the same feel does it?

Dawn said...

Four is THE MOST fun of all. Care Bear (my granddaughter who I care for in the afternoons) is at the most delightful conversational stage in the world. Feisty is coming up right behind her. They're a hoot most days!

Unknown said...

I am not going to be able to look down at my polish-discolored big toe without thinking "blondes have more fun(gus)." Hysterical.