I Heart Four-Year-Olds

A couple weeks ago, I know, I know, I was about to throw him out the window. And maybe next week I will want to again. But I just want to say that Calvin is pure joy to me right now. He makes me laugh, I feel like we "get" each other more often than not, he is exuberant and curious and smart and teachable, cooperating more than clashing, eager to help and expressive and creative.

I appreciate certain things about children at most any age, but this is the first phase or age of my children that I am most definitely thoroughly loving, with almost no exceptions. Anyone else have an age of child that they just utterly enjoy or treasure more than another?

Here are some things Cal has said that make me smile inside - mostly it's that he's trying out cliches or expressions that he has apparently overheard. It is just incredibly adorable to me.

We have a little routine after dinner here that Dad gives the boys their baths, reads them stories, then they come and get me from my evening vegetable state to say prayers with them.

For a few weeks now each night has been a little bit of an episode over the getting of mom for prayers, depending on who gets to me first or who yells down the hall to me before the first one can get to me. So David told them last night to hold hands to find me and tell me - together.

I heard the prayer discussion and was headed up the stairs as they were walking down, holding hands in their footy pajamas, Calvin waiting for Henry to navigate the steps. I commented on how nice they were to each other, holding hands and being good brothers.

To which Calvin answered, "Yeah, we were doing the married thing."

The clencher is this: when he said the word "married," he let go of Henry's hand to make the rabbit ear / quotation mark symbol with his fingers.

And I ask, where does a kid pick this stuff up? I could not help smiling (and maybe laugh a tiny bit) all through the prayer.

Today we had a little misadventure in DC, the end of which was marked by Calvin really needing to go to the bathroom and the people in the building nearest our car (Department of Agriculture) telling me that they didn't have a public restroom. I could see one from the entryway where I stood. Lying boldfaced to a pregnant lady and a legs-crossed preschooler. That can't make for good karma.

Anyway, I talked him into holding it until we got home (twenty minutes - pretty long by Calvin's standards) because the next building was a long cold walk and he'd be more likely to wet his pants on the way than if sitting in the car. Don't ask me about that reasoning. I just know these things.

We arrived home with dry pants and I told Calvin thanks for being such a big boy and waiting that whole long drive. And he said dramatically, "I sure couldn't have done it without you, Mom."

So tell me that being a four-year-old's mom is not cool. I'm goo-goo for him. Truly.


someone else said...

That boy is a charmer for sure. Watch out!! I really can imagine his little face looking up at you and saying those things.

the lizness said...

My nephew The Worm tells his mom when she looks pretty. She visibly melts.

Sketchy said...

The married thing...lol!! Yep 4 year olds are cool!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Gotta love the air quotes, so cute.

I am loving the age my daughter is at right now, 5. 4 was really tough on me, but then again 2 and 3 were a breeze. She is definitely not a textbook follower :)!!

Another favorite age for me is then the wee ones can sit, but aren't yet mobile. 9 months was a blast with my son who is now a non-stop 2 year old!

Angela said...

Yeah, that's edibly cute stuff. I love how he's CLEARLY repeating stuff he's heard you say. "the married thing" just sounds like you or David. I'm looking forward to this 4 of which you speak so highly...

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

First off, I love the finger-quotes thing!

But yes, four years old is a magical age. I remember my best friend telling me that when we were going through the "terrible threes" with my first and was so glad to find that she was right. I relished age 4 with him, and am looking forward to it with my second as well.

The Amazing Trips said...

One of my good friends with 2-year old triplets and a 4-year old boy keeps telling me the same thing ... FOUR is the BEST age!! Considering I'm having more fun than not, most days (or rather, minutes) ... that's good to hear!

I love that he gives you credit for helping to make it home with dry pants. You are obviously setting a great example for him to be blossoming in to such an awesome kid!

Anonymous said...

Fours and fives are my favorites! They are big enough to do some things on their own, but they are still so cute!

megachick said...

5 has been pretty good for the month we've been there. last night i thanked pooka for making my bed, and she replied, "you don't have to thank me, mom, i know you love me. it's just not necessary to say so."
*gulp* ok, but i still want to say thank you and i love you.