The Young Professional

The boys love to play in our master closet. As an advocate of The Not So Big House, I understand why. It's just the size for them.

They inevitably turn from hiding or making towers in there to pulling all the hangers off the lower bar and rearranging all the shoes (or putting Matchbox cars, little bouncy balls or legos into them) or dumping the laundry hamper out all over the floor. All of which kinda irritates their dad.

Tonight they asked for paper and pens to draw and promptly went into the closet, where I heard the distinct sound of coloring on the other side of the closed door. Luckily, the pen wasn't clicked open to write, so no damage was done to the door, but I reminded them about writing only on paper, and said they needed to get out of the closet.

Calvin, surprisingly, was about to comply when Henry looked up at me and firmly said, "No, MOM," with a bit of a finger point at me: "Dis. Ours. OFFICE."

After I finished laughing at the vehemence mixed with cherubic blue eyes and rosey cheeks, a few minor concerns came to the forefront: Since when do two-year-olds know and want offices? Does it mean he will be something like a lawyer when he grows up? And, who is in charge around here? I mean, it's never been David or me, but now I don't know if I'm supposed to defer to Calvin or Henry. Or Calhenry. Yikes.


Gina Conroy said...

I finally did the kids meme!

Super Happy Girl said...

Calhenry have an office , funnest place to play.
Hopefully they won't start asking for meals being brought to them at their lunch break.
So what type of office is it?

Emily K. said...

Kids have their own little "culture" I think, and I'm fascinated to learn that it involves offices. I wonder if Peter Pan would approve? So cute.

Millie said...

It really makes you wonder where they come up with this stuff. Office = pens and paper, and a quiet spot to work. How adorable.

I watch Roz with her babies and wonder how much of her mannerisms are inborn, and how much she's picked up from Mama.

Nettie said...

An office, huh? Obviously Henry is "The Boss"! I SO wish you had a picture!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! We have quite a large bar that my kids use as their "office". It's perfect with all of the places for individual bottles of liquor and such, they always have them filled up with something.