Word (x4)

Gina tagged me for this fun definition meme. These are the words she passed on and what they mean to me:

silt - Um, I don't think a person can grow up in an agrarian watershed in the western US and not know that silt is the fine sand and dirt that is deposited in the bottom of riverbeds. So I couldn't create a more interesting definition for that one.

schwa - this is one of those words that I like to use in social gatherings to demonstrate my high culture and refinement: "I just adore your gown, Baroness. And that necklace just adds the perfect je ne sais schwa to the whole ensemble." (A person hobnobs with a lot of baronesses living in agrarian watersheds in the western US.)

digraph - this is what you turn in to your geometry teacher to prove that the dog at least attempted to eat your homework. It's a graph that Rover tore in two.

calendula - I think this is actually a proper name, for the mythical cousin of Medusa, who I tend to resemble whenever let my hair grow longer than chin length.

And now, for the tag:

Tess, as always, because you have that awesome meme blog (and because I know you can come up with some way funny definitions here...)

Angela, because you know I love sharing words with you.

Millie, because you will run with these, I know.

No Cool Story, because you are the archetypal foreigner and I know you will come up with something good.

And Chess, because there's no telling what you will come up with.

These are the words for which you must invent personal definitions:


Astonish me.


Super Happy Girl said...

schwa: I don't know I'll ever be able to use this one, since I don't attend very high culture and refine gatherings (at my gatherings we talk birth stories, infections and mommy jobs).

Silt, I shall remember that.
I have learned so much tonight!

Just last night I was telling Millie I can use my Mexicaness for good or evil...I'm using it for good of course.
Thanks for the tag, I shall work on it.

Super Happy Girl said...

Top Comment

Nettie said...

And all this time I thought a calendula was what a childbirthing guide used to keep track of her clients due dates!

Barb said...

All I can say is I'm glad I got tagged for this one back when the taggers were using English words!

You crack me up.

Millie said...

Wow. That's all I can say. And to think my sister-in-law didn't believe me when I said I wanted a nice dictionary for Christmas.

Unknown said...

There was a ballot issue not too long ago to change the name of the town Silt, Colorado, to something else. I thought they would jump at the chance to rename their town, but alas they kept the dirty name.

Super Happy Girl said...

Mine is up, go here.

Emily K. said...

The eagle has landed!

Anonymous said...

Love your schwa definition!!