Things That Go Bump

Yesterday my husband and our neighbor went about "fixing" the faucet in our kitchen. It has leaked for some time and lately the garbage disposal ceased functioning. Their little project was to replace the disposal and the faucet and re-caulk.

Seven hours and an extra trip to Home Depot later, I had an entire brand new shiny sink, a new faucet, and a new under-sink cupboard interior. With some additional talk about sometime replacing the circa 1971 dishwasher (that doesn't get the top rack - or sometimes the bottom rack - clean anymore) and updating the tile countertops that I am so in love with. Hmmm. We'll see.

The boys enjoyed "helping." Our neighbor, who has five grown sons and a daughter, was very sweet - he let Calvin crawl under the sink with him and hold the flashlight for him. He would say things like, "OK, good job. Now shine the flashlight on this part of the sink, not on my face. Good job. You're a great helper."

By the end of the night Cal was to pieces as they needed him more out of the way than helping, but finally it was finished and the boys went to bed and David and I snuggled in to watch a little TV to unwind before bed.

About forty-five minutes later, we heard a HUGE crack-bump-thump from upstairs. I was sure one of the boys had fallen from their bed, but it actually kinda surprised and spooked us for a second. No crying from the boys, but David headed upstairs to check it out.

He peeked into the boys room and there was Henry, sitting on the floor next to his bed. He wasn't crying, he wasn't hurt, he was just sittin there with his blanket around him.

David: Oh, Henry! Did you fall out of your bed?
Henry: (sad, tired little voice) Yeeaahh.
David: Are you OK?
Henry: Yeeaaah.
David: Want me to rock you a minute?
Henry: Yeeaahhh.

Henry laid down on David's shoulder and then back in bed and was sound asleep in a heartbeat. Never cried, even from being startled, and I'm pretty sure he fell quite hard. But it was like it never happened. His imperturbability sometimes surprises me even more than big thumps and bumps in the night.

P.S. At long last, my little camera is back in my hands. So I am on the lookout for visual bloggability and might be able to muster some enthusiasm again soon...


Amanda said...

Happy news about your kitchen makeover (well sort of)!

Kids are such fascinating creatures. They fall apart over the littlest thing and then amaze you when it comes to the "big" stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you scored on your kitchen.

My boys love to "help" too. Especially when it involves the flashlights or the measuring tape.

Pam said...

imperturbability - I must remember to use this word today:)

Poor little guy...probably thought someone kicked him out of his bed!

Anonymous said...

must try this tactic with replacing a dryer vent hose... maybe I will get a new washer and dryer ...

Barb said...

Good for you getting a new sink. I hope you get a new dishwasher soon, too.

When my girls graduated from the crib to the bed, I put their mattresses right on the floor, I was so worried about them falling out of bed. Poor little guy.

Unknown said...

Poor little guy. :-( My daugher definitely does not suffer from a lack of drama!