Dare I Propagate A Unit Of Cultural Evolution?

Some time ago, I was so relieved to find that our pizza ordering habit was actually now going to help us build a strong family and learn to communicate with one another, sharing our innermost feelings and bonding over mozzarella and marinara. I just wanted to hug the box and thank the creators of this “family first” idea (read “advertising gimmick") for providing me such a solid foundation on which to better my family.

“Pizza [Chalet] has been gathering families since 1958." The box the pizza came in proudly proclaims. I didn't know it was pizza that was doing that all this time. Food budget money well spent, I'd say.

"Now making it easier with great pizza and fun family games!”

“Gather ‘Round the Good Stuff.” Who said pizza didn't qualify as a protein, a starch, and two veggies?

I don’t know about you and your kids, but it doesn’t take fun family games on the pizza box to gather round food. And my boys aren’t even teenagers yet. But kudos to the pizza people for inviting us to sit and enjoy a family dinner together. Especially considering that the fact Mom ordered the pizza probably indicates either a big ol' party going on that precludes meaningful parent-child conversations, or else that the main goal of the evening was just to feed the fam, not bond with them. (I'm kidding...kidding! Just laugh!)

The family game they offered on the particular night I noticed the box was a “fun” question and answer game between parents and kids. And the more I thought about it, the more I thought, this should really be a meme! Yes! That’s it! I can’t even imagine the deep dinnertime discussions that will result across America, and now all over blogtopia, because of one pizza delivery.

So, dear readers, gather round the good stuff, remember who started this one, and have fun with….drumroll…..

The Pizza Box Meme

Special Note: The first 3 items were for, “Hey, kids! Ask your parents…” and the second three were for parents to ask their kids. I’ve altered them for meme-ability, so we can each answer them all.

What was your favorite thing about being a kid?School! I loved it, I really did. Probably mostly for the school supplies. And my teachers loved me. I still like learning and reading.

What was your favorite subject in school?Litrachur and History

Who was your best friend when you were my age (let’s say age ten)?
Colleen Donnelly. My funniest memory of her was after Jimmy Carter lost the presidential election. We were much younger than ten at the time - we stayed friends all through elementary school. Anyway, about Jimmy Carter: she was crying, sobbing, after school that day and said something like, "But Jimmy Carter is just the most handsome man I've ever known!" I hope that's not still true.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?
A zebra, because I think it is fascinating how they are boldly black and white but when they are in a lush green landscape, they don't stand out at all. Interesting camouflage - that's the ticket.

What would you change about your school (occupation/life) right now?I'd try to take more pride in housework and homemaking and get really good at doing the tedious stuff that I'm lazy about now.

What’s your favorite color?Green like an apple or a lime.

(Not on the box, but important:) What’s your favorite type of crust and favorite topping on a pizza? Thin crust, "supreme," add pineapple.

Tess you are tagged because I like your whole separate blog for memes. Katherine you are tagged because you are my family dinner idol. No Cool Story and Mugwumpmom, you are tagged because I said so. And anyone who likes pepperoni on their pizza or likes the crust best of all, is also tagged. Let me know when you’ve posted it!

Don't you think it will be funny when this makes it around again and it's just titled "Pizza Box Meme" and no one really knows why, and it has seventy questions instead of just seven, plus you have to list twenty pizza toppings and tell how they symbolize your life? I'm telling you, the Pizza [Chalet] people had no idea what they started.

(Goodbye, my infant meme…live long and mutate…)


the lizness said...

YAY! I'm hurrying up to be the second one on the entire internet to do this meme!!!!

rena said...

gotcha..I'm not far behind Tess.

Angela said...

What a clever meme creater you are.
The Jimmy Carter story is hilarious. Oh how I wish those were my greatest sorrows...

Super Happy Girl said...

Who knew you were so bossy?
:D I mean clever
Yay! I'm part of history now, the very FIRST Pizza Box Meme ever, in the history of Blogtopia...woot!

I shall make you proud you big yellow truck lady you

PS. LOL at Jimmy Carter beign the most handsome man ever AND crying about it. Guess she really meant it.

Super Happy Girl said...

Mine is up

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I'm impressed - I haven't had the guts to try to start a meme yet...I just do my part to keep them moving along. :) I've enjoyed reading everyone's answers to your Pizza Box Meme!

(Oh - I tagged you on my blog today for a kids' meme. But if you're sick of memes, or don't want to do it - no problem at all!)

Gabriela said...

Cute meme! I loved school too. That's hilarious about J.Carter.

P.S. I LOVE your new header. Very nice.

Susannah said...

You are a scream! (Oh, pleased to meet you.) Did anyone ever tell you that you're funny? Anyway, I'm enjoying your blog, and I'll be back again.

(Goodbye, my infant meme…live long and mutate…)... A hoot!