The 101: You Do The Math

I like lists. So my not-so-ultra-creative idea for my 100th was to give you little lists of things about me that add up to a big list of 100. I think I did it. But it's not as thrilling as I wanted it to be. I apparently collapsed under the pressure. But if you add them up, you'll find I overachieved.

If my life were "filmed on location," the camera crews would set up in these 6 cities:
Montrose, Colorado
Rexburg, Idaho
Donetsk and Gorlovka, Ukraine
Logan, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
Washington, DC (and surrounds)

With important transition and vacation scenes in these 5 places:
small Toyotas or Hondas traveling across the US
Amsterdam, Holland (and surrounds)
Valletta, Malta
the Pacific Northwest U.S.
Victoria, British Columbia

If books are old friends, there's about 17 that I go way back (and frequently get together with):
The Little House on the Prairie Series (10 books - read them all repeatedly)
Gone With the Wind
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Great Expectations
My Antonia
The Diary of Anne Frank
The Hiding Place

If there is a restaurant in Heaven, these 21 things must be on the menu:
My mom's everything, but especially her Chicken Enchilada Casserole
And her Sunday Roast Beef
My grandma's everything, but especially her from-scratch Chicken Noodle Soup
And her Potato Salad
Auntie S's everything, but especially her Parmesan Chicken
And her Ginger Beef
Aunt Sheri's Sourdough Sugar Cookies
And her Gnocchi
My Pork and Red Pepper Stew
My Cheddar Cheese Ball and crackers
Thanksgiving Dinner (with a brined turkey)
Chocolate-dipped Cinnamon Bears
Varenyky (translated: little boiled things - they're a little like ravioli, with potatoes and onions in them.)
Borscht (Everyone thinks this is beet soup. Not the way I learned in Ukraine. Come on over this winter and I'll dip you up some!)
Plov (Fabulous, fabulous rice dish that David learned to make in Ukraine.)
Foil-wrapped hamburgers
Shavano Valley Pork Producers pulled pork sandwiches
Olathe Sweet corn on the cob
Tomatoes from my Grandpa's Garden
Chicken from El Pollo Rico
Waldorf Salad
Dark Chocolate Truffles

If All I Had Was Time, You'd Probably Find Me Doing One of These 11 Things:
Sewing - I need to learn first!
Reading the Great Works of Western Civilization
Or finishing the Great Works Master's Degree I started
Writing a Book
Redecorating every room in the house
Scrapbooking (maybe - I'm beginning to think blogging is the better way to really document)
Relaxing in a big hot bubble bath
Sleeping in a big white bed

If they had extreme makeovers for character flaws, I'd have these 13 things "enhanced:"
Ability to enjoy the NOW
Ability to appreciate ordinary life
Giving people the benefit of the doubt
Taming my sharp tongue
Seeing a glass that's half full every time
Discipline in gospel study
General enthusiasm
Ability to manage money
Faith in myself, in others, and in God

If I started a list of people I am grateful for, these 34 would be at the top:
My parents (there's 2)
My grandparents (there's 7 if you count the "greats" that I knew as a child)
My siblings (there's 6)
Their spouses (2)
Their kids (4)
My husband
His family (10)

If there are 2 posts that indicate what kind of things give me irrepressible giggles no matter how often I read them, they are these:
Angela's Cakemanship
Antique Mommy's Pagan Baby

If you really want to know me, you should ask these 4 people:
Auntie S
Joeli (sister)


The Amazing Trips said...

Great job, I love it!!!

Kudos on your 101st post. I doubt mine will be nearly as creative!

the lizness said...

what a great way to sum up your Code Yellow life.

I will not copy CYM. I will not copy CYM. I will not copy CYM. I will not copy CYM. I will not copy CYM. I will not copy CYM. I will not copy CYM. I will not copy CYM. I will not copy CYM. I will not copy CYM. I will not copy CYM. I will not copy CYM.

Angela said...

Well, if you don't perform well under pressure---I'll eat my hat.
This is SO clever and thoroughly entertaining. How do you do it?

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Okay, I loved this approach! Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed this little glimpse into the life of Code Yellow Mom. :)

Millie said...

I'm not worthy! I'M NOT WORTHY!!!

someone else said...

That's the most clever listing of things about a person that I've ever read. Love it!!

Kristen said...

What a great list! Very creative. I loved it.

Barb said...

Dropping in from Lauren's place. I came over here to get a link back to you for the pizza box meme and I immediately saw Montrose, Colorado in your list. Wow. My daughter is a 3rd grade teacher at Cottonwood Elementary in Montrose. Small world! (we live in Grand Junction)

Lana said...

love your 100th!

Super Happy Girl said...

You are g-o-o-d
See? I knew you were very very clever. Loved your 101 things, perfect :D