Maintaining Interest

A day or two ago, as we were getting in the car, Cal waved at the neighbors arriving home across the street. He commented to me, "We're not the same color as them." (I thought it was cool that he put us as the ones who were different...)

After we got in the car, he asked, "Mom, why are people all different colors?" I told him that it was because Heavenly Father made each one of us special, some with different colors of skin, some with different languages, and every different person can do different things really well. Then I said, "And if we were all exactly like one another, wouldn't this world be really boring? If everyone looked just like you or had the same color of skin or did the exact same things, life just wouldn't be interesting."
So tonight we were putting a puzzle together and winding down for bedtime. We weren't really talking and Cal stopped piecing the puzzle and sighed. He said, "Mom, this is really boring." He paused and I thought it was my cue to put the puzzle away. But then he said, "I don't like for us to be pink and white all the time. I wish our skin could be a different color."
Leave it to Cal to be bored not with the activity at hand, but with the color of his skin!


PastormacsAnn said...

Little guys - gotta luv em.

Great new look!

Millie said...

You should never, never, never tell him about hair dye or tattoos.

Super Happy Girl said...

Awww! I want a Cal!
That we could all be innocent like children.

I'm not white and pink all the time. But brown, always.

The Amazing Trips said...

He is one cool little kid!!!

Here's a great book that you/he might enjoy: "Whoever You Are" by Mem Fox. Even though our kids are too young to get the "message" they LOVE the pictures. It's one of our favorites.

BTW - I love your new look ... the blog looks fabulous & your avatar w/ the flowers in the dump truck is perfect. Just right for a mom with 2 little boys!! :)

Kathryn Thompson said...

You are a good mama. I was babysitting for an African friend of mine when the 3-year-old next door neighbor girl came over and couldn't stop touching the baby boy's skin. She leaned over and whispered "I love black skin! It's my favorite kind."

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Very cute. I love how kids see the world! And you are a terrific mom and did a great job using his question to teach him about the wonderful, interesting world God made.

someone else said...

Don't you just love the innocence of children?? Wish it would never change.

Anonymous said...

Hey I can relate to Cal! I get so tired of being pink and white. I want olive skin, myself.
We live overseas, and when my daughter was 4 at preschool, her 2 best friends, according to her, were "dark brown all over" (a little Ivorian girl) and "gold skin with black hair" (Lebanese).
(Who am I? I followed a link from Antique Mommy cuz I liked your comment there. I'll be back)

Angela said...

Sit him next to my albinos and he won't feel pink and white.
I do love that he made himself the different one---that's something else.
What a crackup, getting bored.