Driving Me Crazy

Henry turned two while we were away. I have never given much credence to the "terrible twos" thing (for whatever reason - suspicion of wives' tales or something) but he really almost instantly turned into this wild little strong-willed man, deliberately being mean, destructive, absolutely contrary, and generally stinkerish.

He gave the flight attendant on our late night flight the most caustic look (complete with incredulous eye-roll!) I have ever seen, and she was even taken back by it - she laughed and said, "I've never seen someone so little cop such a 'tude." (She was a very hip kind of flight attendant.)

I catch myself saying, "Cal- I mean, Henry - stop that!" because he is just not usually the one I am curbing or correcting. But he is now officially a force to be reckoned with. I'm not sure I'm up for it.

He GIGGLES at every reprimand, no matter how serious. He has a bottom lip and knows how to use it at just the right time. And we won't go into a discussion of the screaming, head-butting and twist-pinching - YeeOOOWch! - when I try to reign him in.

So what is a mom to do with an insanely naughty but incredibly adorable second son?

(This picture was taken at the wheel of Grandpa Jim's boat when we were pulling it out of Lake Powell. More photos and a more complete synopsis of our travels is forthcoming...)


someone else said...

That is one adorable little face!

You know, of course, that being so cute will make you break out into giggles when you're reprimanding him and the worst part is that he knows it. It's so hard to be stern to a face like that one!

Angela said...

That is SUCH a good picture.
We always doubt things until we experience it, some things the hard way.
The terrible twos can't be so terrible when that adorable face is involved.

Millie said...

Oh my goodness, what a little darling. Let's betroth our 2-year-olds - they'll have really cute kids together.

Super Happy Girl said...

What a cutey :)

I don't know that the world is ready for Henry and Roz together.

Yes, but the grandkids would be adorable, and really, that's all we care about.

rena said...

Yikes...my Kel was like that when he was 2...in between trying my hardest to be stern, and giggling when he wasn't looking, I'd be so dumbfounded all I ever could come up with was "it's a good thing your cute"....don't try it...doesn't work.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

He is really adorable!

I think God made 2-year-olds to be so cute so that we could forgive them for all that orneriness!

sweet mama entropy said...

I'd sure like to know when the "terible twos" end. Both my boys developed symptoms of the terribles at about 15 months. When the oldest turned two though, wow! I can totally relate. It was like an attitude switch got flipped on. I am dreading January and #2's desent into madness! Also, I'm wondering when #1 will stop with the attitude (he's three and a few). Good luck with your little birthday boy! Sooo cute!

"Grandi" said...

My youngest son - The VP was like that! God "packed" him to be very tenacious! When he would assert his authority with a tantrum or other ugly behavior I would give him a "time out" in his room. That worked better for him because he hated being alone in there.

I would pick him up and deposit him on his bed and tell him that when he could be nice he could come out. Then I would close his door and sit on the floor and hold it shut! He would immediately try to open it and when that didn't work he would lay down with his mouth at the bottom of the door and cry really loud to make his point. The hardest part was not making any noise or giggling while he was doing this!!

After a while he would settle down and climb up on his bed with a toy. I usually gave him a couple more minutes, then went in to reinforce the (now) good boy he was being! HA!!

He eventually learned to focus the tenacity and it has served him well in making a challenging marriage work, and in his job as the youngest VP his large banking institution has ever had!

Hang in there mom - there is light at the end of the "two tunnel"!!

Angela said...

I just LOVE that comment Grandi left, it is funny and gives me so much hope with my own ball of fire. Yelling under the door is hysterical. I think if we tell ourselves, "He is gonna use this to make something of himself someday" then it might help. But in the meantime, try not to let them make something of US before they get there--certifiable, in my case.

Gabriela said...

Love the photo! I don't know what to tell you. I have found that my kids are usually worse at 3 than 2. And guess how old my youngest is? Yep. 3.

Randi said...

Those terrible two's are SO CUTE!

Unknown said...

He really is close in age to my Kyle, who turned two at the end of May. But I have to say that our "terrible twos" started at 18months, and are actually getting better now. So, maybe things will be looking up in 9 monhts--ha!