I've been busy today doing real-life things, and I am pooped. Made some serious progress in "the room" and sorted the boys' toys (again...I need serious storage and organization help in this department - toys are almost as much a thorn in my side as laundry!) Also went to IKEA. With the boys. And bought a two-box, two-person building project for above-mentioned toys. Yeah - think that will happen before the husband gets back in September? I did get it in and out of the car and into the house by myself, though. Hear me roar!

Anyway, while doing real-life housish stuff, I missed a lot in the blogosphere. Not just today apparently, either...And I can't imagine where I've been?

Among other things, I was nominated over at A Gracious Home for the Blogs of Beauty - Humor and Artistic Content. I've heard of other blogs' nominations in passing, but had NO IDEA that I was listed - I'd think I was too new or obscure or something... But a huge THANK YOU to my nominator, whoever you are - how kind of you! Nothing like a little pat on the back to keep the blog alive and make me feel special.

And Roz (and her Mama) tagged Calvin to do his first ever meme. Way cute. That will be up tomorrow or Monday, because he's in bed right now. Sorry I didn't catch the tag earlier today.

I think I will hit the hay, too, while the sun's still down.


Gabriela said...

Oooo, I love Ikea. I am so jealous.

Congrats on your nomination, you have a great blog, one of my favorites. :)

Millie said...

I've never been to an Ikea so I'll have to go check one out sometime. Sounds like I'm missing out.

Pretty exciting about your nomination! :)

Angela said...

It makes me feel like a winner when you get nominated for being talented because people are seeing what I've seen for so long. I just love to be right. I'd like to be nominated for being right. Congrats. I'll try not to make everything about me.

rena said...

I'm going to look forward to Calvin's meme..I've been reading several of those little kids meme's and they're so much fun!
I get lost in Ikea, so avoid it. 'Sides, no patience in trying to put the stuff together.
Have a nice evening

Super Happy Girl said...

I’m seriously behind on my blog reading. I’m taking sometime tonight to catch up.
Congrats on your nomination in Blogs of Beauty!

Your hubby will be way impressed with all the stuff you’ve done, all the things you have taken care of, and how brave you’ve been, I know I’m impressed.

Tammy said...

Congrats on your nomination!

And IKEA? Sorry- my ignorance is showing...is this an east coast thing?

Anyway...I've been spending some time replying tonight and need to "hit the hay" myself! I have a full day of housecleaning awaitin' me in the morning since we're getting company!

someone else said...

Congratulations on the Blogs of Beauty nomination. That's really cool!