On Pleasure Bent Again*

This time we're off to the beach for almost two weeks. I have dreams of being able to log in a time or two, but you know...we'll see.

I went to the beach (Outer Banks) for the first time ever last summer, and it was breathtaking. Well, OK, I was in San Diego in December once, but that hardly counts as a beach vacation, you know? This year Cal and Henry are a little older, so I look forward to seeing it through their eyes, now that they know not to eat the sand.

We are staying in a huge beach house with Auntie S's family and a couple other friend families, and I only have to worry about cooking four times the whole time we're gone.

Plus, there are other kids and teenagers who Cal and Henry love. The boys are still sleeping in a bit. So I might be real sneaky and get in some personal R & R. How would that be?

*Pop Quiz: Who said that to whom on what occasion? Do you know?


The Amazing Trips said...

Re: the quote - I'm completely clueless.

Re: your vacation ... have a GREAT time. Hopefully, you'll be at a beach where the water is somewhat warm and the kids won't get chilled from splashing in the surf.

Re: cooking ... a shrimp boil is always a big hit at the beach [and extremely easy!] Frogmore stew is the best ... red potatoes; corn on the cob; sausage & a couple pounds of shrimp. Throw it all in a pot with a packet of "Crab Boil" and whamo. Dinner is served!!! :)

rena said...

Have fun!! Enjoy the two weeks away. Will you be able to blog?
It sounds like the boys will have fun too.

Dawn said...

I hope the kids have as much fun as the little ones did at our family reunion at a lake. What fun watching them turn into little prunes every day.

Super Happy Girl said...

"On pleasure bent again?" Elizabeth Bennet! (P&P)

What do I win?
I'll settle for an autographed pic of the yellow "Code Yellow mom" truck, a true classic.

Have fun!

Angela said...

No Cool, you make me laugh.

CYM, have fun. I think, in honor of your vacation, I'm only going to make dinner 4 times in the next 2 weeks as well.

Have fun. I hope you get that R&R. And the internet connection.

Tammy said...

Have a super time! Wow, I love P&P but didn't get the quote until I saw the answer...:)

utmommy said...

Have a great time at the beach!! I love going there. It's been a long time, maybe I should go too!
Yeah for only cooking 4 times.

Code Yellow Mom said...

It was Mr. Bennett to Lizzy when she was leaving for "the Lakes" with her aunt and uncle. No Cool Story, I'm working on the autographed truck pic.

Jen3 - where does one find "crab boil?" I mean, which aisle at the store or whatever? I want to try frogmore stew...

Super Happy Girl said...

YAY! I got it half-way right and I still won. WOOT! take that everybody who didn't win.

I shall treasure it forever and ever and ever