The Jane: Six Months Old (late)

OK. I know she'll be 7 months old in a matter of a few short days, but the obsessive compulsive in me is making me post these pictures from last month. I have to, just so a month of snapshots is not missing. Humor me.

She's getting better at posing and smiling. And she sits up mostly on her own now.

She still has a mostly pink wardrobe, which is fun, but she is a total knockout in light blue. Her eyes are sometimes blue, sometimes greenish, sometimes grey - really beautiful. And her skin is so peachy and creamy.

But don't let all the soft doll-like stuff fool you - she is a force to be reckoned with. I'm not reckoning with her all too well right now, but still. She's quite squidgable, don't you think?


Kids Cooking Activities said...

Time flies doesn't it! She's adorable -

Linda Stahr said...

Love it! I'm going to start doing better at posting my little girl too... check her out on our blog!

Anonymous said...

You obviously have a really great camera.

The last picture in the set - of her looking into the light, but to the camera's side - is really a beautiful shot. I LOVE the lighting.

That can't be a point-and-shoot camera, can it? Do you mind saying what you're shooting with? I don't think you're using a flash, right? You're shooting in available light, right?

They're lovely. She's a beautiful little girl. And you need to get that last picture framed!

Real said...

I don't know your family all that well, but doesn't she look remarkably like Charlie?